Mitchells Way

The Mitchells Way trail run course starts and finishes near the start of Mitchells Way near the intersection of Cargo Road, where there is carparking available on the side of the road.  The track consists of a mix of single trails and gravel roads, with steep inclines and declines.  There are no toilet facilities.  Caution: Watch your footing as your make your way around the course.  The course is very difficult and is recommended for experienced runners.

Course Map (13km)

The Mitchells Way run heads south from the start (about 100m off the Cargo Road, on Mitchells Way) up the gravel road that leads towards Mt Canobolas. The runners follow this road for the first 1.6kms before turning left into a single trail that winds its way up through the forest. This single trail crossed several gravel roads before the course turns right onto one of these to meet back up with Mitchells Way heading towards the peak. At the intersection of Mt Canobolas Rd, you will turn around and start heading back down. Not far from the top you will head left onto a small stretch of single trail that winds down the hill and pops out back onto the main road and you continue to follow this down. The downhill provides some reprieve and you need to be careful not to gather too much pace. After a few km’s heading down, you then head left again onto a single trail to continue to wind down the hill. You pop back out onto the road with approx. 1.6kms straight down the road to the finish.

Safety Guidelines

The Orange Runners Club recommends that caution be taken by members when participating in Club events and activities. In particular, please be aware of and observe the following:

  • Should you have an injury or medical condition, seek advice and act on the recommendations of an appropriate medical professional before you participate.
  • Remember to ‘warm up’ before and ‘cool down’ after a Club event.
  • Always listen carefully to and comply with any race and safety briefings held before the commencement of any event or published in the press or contained in Club emails.
  • Every member must wear a timing chip.
  • Ensure adequate quantities of water are consumed prior to, and after an event (ORC provides water at Sunday events).
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions and apply sun screen.
  • Run/walk on the right hand side of roads used by vehicles and on the left hand side of paths used only by cyclists and/or pedestrians.
  • If wearing headphones please keep to the side of the road / path / track and listen at a volume level that allows you to respond to the sound of approaching runners, vehicles or other hazards.
  • Runners and walkers in groups are asked to always leave room for faster runners to pass in either direction without them having to leave the track / path and risk injury on uneven ground (no more than two people abreast for all events).
  • It is requested that members do not bring their dogs to Elephant Park for Wednesday events. It is preferred that dogs are not brought to Sunday events, however if you bring a dog, please ensure that it is kept on a short leash and close by your side.
  • Bicycles and scooters are not permitted. People pushing strollers (or with small children) are asked to start events at the rear of the group, keep to one side of the road / path / track and maintain their current course if approached by a runner or walker.
  • Make every effort to give way to members of the public.
  • If you hear or see a runner or walker approaching behind you, maintain your current course without stopping or stepping to one side. The person that is overtaking will then be able to pass you without a collision. Parents are encouraged to explain and make this known to their children.
  • Be aware of and warn others of potentially dangerous animals (e.g. Snakes, kangaroos, dogs).
  • When you finish an event, move well away from the finish line to avoid possible collisions with others finishing at speed (parents are asked to advise their children accordingly).
  • Club members are asked to look out for and alert others where members’ safety could be improved.
  • A first aid kit is available at the start line of all events – inform a member of the Committee immediately if assistance is required. If the first aid kit is used, details must be reported in the Incident Register which can be found in the first aid box. Snake bite bandages are carried by some members during summer events.
  • A defibrillator will be available at each Wednesday and Sunday event.
  • Should you observe any incidents for which preventative measures could be taken - please discuss them with a member of the Committee immediately.


In addition to the above general safety guidelines, the following guidelines apply to the Orange Runners Club trail runs:

  • Complete the 'sign on' sheet for all trail runs before the event commences and 'sign off' once finished so that all participants can be accounted for.
  • All participants must be present for the Race Briefing (it is recommended that members arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time).
  • Each participant must be a member of Orange Runners Club.
  • Each participant must take on the event the following mandatory equipment:
    • Self Sufficient minimum of 500ml water.
    • Space Blanket.
    • Whistle (pea-less that will work in wet weather).
    • Bandage (snake/broad bandage 7.5cm wide by 2.3m long unstretched).
    • Mobile phone in working condition with fully charged battery.
    • ORC Chip Number.
  • Participants under 16 years of age must run with a parent/guardian (member of ORC).
  • The following equipment is suggested for adverse weather conditions (i.e. heat, cold or wet weather):
    • Thermal.
    • Lightweight waterproof jacket.
    • Beanie.
    • Gloves.
    • Additional water in hot weather.

Reviewed and Ratified by the 2021 – 2022 Committee | May 2021

6k Male
Daryl Roweth 0:36:03 28/10/2018
Kim Anlezark 0:42:56 28/10/2018
Russell Tym 0:43:00 28/10/2018
9k Male
Sam Collins 0:45:09 08/07/2018
Joel Broadfoot 0:45:59 08/07/2018
Anthony Daintith 0:47:40 08/07/2018
10k Male
Iain McLean 0:55:11 28/10/2018
David Ross 0:55:47 28/10/2018
Rikky Bangert 0:58:25 28/10/2018
11.5k Male
Iain McLean 0:53:56 9/07/2017
Felix Koepen 0:55:36 9/07/2017
Iain McLean 0:56:46 15/10/2017
13k Male
Noel Annett 1:00:45 14/01/2018
Ian Spurway 1:06:36 14/01/2018
Tim Murphy 1:07:39 14/01/2018
6k Female
Ursula Wilson 0:36:35 28/10/2018
Anne-Marie Ryan 0:42:46 08/07/2018
Rhonda Jones 0:42:46 08/07/2018
9k Female
Meg Reeves 0:45:42 08/07/2018
Leanne Corcoran 0:51:32 08/07/2018
Alicia Ross 0:59:27 08/07/2018
10k Female
Alison Spurway 1:16:13 28/10/2018
Alicia Ross 1:31:22 28/10/2018
11.5k Female
Leanne Corcoran 1:05:45 15/10/2017
Alicia Ross 1:24:27 15/10/2017
Danielle Klingberg 1:25:07 15/10/2017
13k Female
Leanne Corcoran 1:06:08 14/01/2018
Katrina Smith 1:23:00 14/01/2018
Kietta Raye Shaw 1:29:25 14/01/2018