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EDITORIAL REPORT FOR CWD Saturday 3rd September 2022
By Chris Clough

With a large contingent of runners club members venturing to the Dubbo Stampede our Treasurer Amy Sullivan stepped in for our President and got the run underway at Gosling Creek, after a late change from a very soggy Lake Canobolas track.

In the running department the fastest in each distance were:

Female – Denise Quinlan 22:19, Fiona Montgomarie 26:03
Male – Matthew Wilkins 14:22, Greg Shaptor 25:30, John Hannan 28:53

Female – Kinisha Roweth 26:20, Sally Postma 26:35, Amy Robinson 27:31
Male – Mitch Essex 21:00, Phil Cranney 27:04, Jacob Skelton 28:11

Female – Claire Gates 42:59, Kim Jarvis 49:17, Angela Kauter 54:40
Male – Gareth Thomas 52:42, Anthony Daintith 52:43, Basil Baldwin 1:06:44

Female – Lauren Reid 49:02, Juste Kucinskiate 1:09:00, Sue Klose 1:12:58:
Male – Hugh Daintith 58:10, Mike Cooper 1:02:18, Michael Kauter 1:13:14

Many club members travelled to Dubbo last weekend for the Dubbo Stampede. There were many great performances at this enjoyable event I have listed the age group place getters from our club. My apology to anyone I have missed and well done to all who proudly represented the ORC.

Marathon (42.2km) Age Category Position Age Category
Daryl Roweth 3rd 50-59
Bec Davis 1st 30-39
Half Marathon (21.1km) Age Category Position Age Category
Sam Collins 3rd 30-39
Nicola Blore 3rd 40-49
10KM Age Category Position Age Category
Will Robinson 3rd 12-14
Mark Thomas 2nd 40-49
Tim Robinson 4th 40-49
Rhonda Jones 4th 60-69
Lyn O’Mara 2nd 70+
Judy Tarleton 3rd 70+
5.3KM Age Category Position Age Category
Tilly Thornton 3rd Under 12
Emily Meiring 5th Under 12
Talitha Mudge 7th Under 12
Charlotte Meiring 1st (and 4th Female overall!) 12-14
Phillip Thomas 7th 12-14
Flynn Thornton 9th 12-14
Adam Thomas 3rd 15-16
Peter Finlay 1st (and 5th place overall!) 40-49
Karen Mudge 4th 40-49
Kate Thornton 4th 50-59
Michael O’Mara 3rd 60-69

On Wednesday at Elephant Park 39 members enjoyed the usual track with the top three men being the very consistent Peter Finlay 10:02, Luke Hockey 10:42 & Jack Daintith 10:44. The top three women were Nicola Blore 13:04, Claire Gates 14:12 & Kinisha Roweth 14:31

Sharyn Mitselburg ran an amazing 49s Personal best.

This week an Achievement Medal was awarded to Ayako Kusui for 75 runs.

This Sunday’s club run is at Shiralee, with the distances of 2km, 4km, 6km, 8km, 10km & 12km.

Please continue to check the website, Facebook and watch your emails for more information on all our club activities and news. Together we achieve individual goals.

Information provided by Chris Clough