Orange Runners Club Junior Support Program

The Orange Runners Club Junior Support Program has been developed and tailored to support our junior up-and-coming athletes who reach particular levels, for both Athletics and Cross Country, for their respective schools.

As a club, we are proud of the efforts of our athletes and their families and would like to offer a contribution to support their attendance at these milestone events.

Please follow the list of respective events and, if successful in participating in these events, the payment received from the club (Athletics and Cross Country):

Event Payment
District, Diocese of Bathurst, WAS $25
NSW CIS, NSW CCC, Western, Polding $50
Australian National Championships $250

Please note the following:

  • Payments will be made after all events have been completed.
  • Junior athletes will need to have completed 40 club runs for the ORC membership year (1st October – 30th September).
  • At Wednesday ORC events, junior athletes will need to complete 3 laps of the Elephant Park Circuit to be eligible.
  • There will only be one payment made (dependent on the level the athlete reaches and participates in). For example, if an athlete makes AICES they will not receive ($25 + $35 = $60) they will only receive $35.
  • If a junior athlete is successful in both Athletics and Cross Country, they will receive 2 payments. For example, if the athlete makes NSW All Schools for both Athletics and Cross Country, they will receive $300.
  • With athletics events, track events will only count towards payment from this program.

To request payment from the program, please send the athletes event results as well as bank details to

Together We Achieve Individual Goals.

Orange Runners Club.