CWD 24th June 2023

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EDITORIAL REPORT FOR CWD Saturday 24th June 2023
Merissa Horne

Last Sunday 40 members teamed up in pairs for our relay event at Waratahs.
The 20 teams each ran a total of 6km around a 1km circuit. Winning teams were determined by handicaps (based on recent results) to ensure fair competition between everyone.

The overall winners of the event were:
1st Justine Neville and Beckie Plant
2nd Sharyn Mitselburg and Lachlan Irwin
3rd Lacey Curran and Brian Penrose

The fastest teams on the morning were:
1st Jack Daintith and Alicia Anlezark
2nd Ben Sullivan and Evie Harris
3rd Matthew Wilkins and Kate Harris

For this week’s Wednesday run 77 members attended Elephant Park completing 1, 2 or 3 laps. The top three men were Peter Finlay 10:13, Jack Daintith 10:27 and Maxwell Horne 10:36. The top three women were Rhianna Fitzpatrick 12:47, Anna Pyle 14:30 and Jessica Curran 14:32.

3km Personal Bests were achieved by Ben Sullivan 11:49 (12 seconds), Luke Peterson 12:14 (19 seconds), Matthew Wilkins 12:21 (13 seconds), Anna Pyle 14:30 (5 seconds), Lucas Fraser 18:48 (32 seconds), Rhiannon Roe 19:04 (3 minutes 8 seconds), Annabelle Roe 20:50 (1 minute 22 seconds) and Wayne Roe 20:58 (23 seconds).

Achievement medals were awarded to Sharyn Mitselburg with 75 runs, Cameron Harris with 50 runs and Evie Harris with 50 runs.

Tomorrow’s run is at Spring Creek Dam, with stunning scenery and water views. Members can choose a distance from 2.4 km up to 9.6 km.

Together we achieve individual goals.

Life Member Jane Fairgrieve celebrating 1300 runs with the club