Orange Runners Club lend a helping hand

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It was a very busy day last Sunday as the Orange Runners’ Club had their club run at Bulgas Road and the Orange Triathlon Club held an interclub challenge at Lake Canobolas. The Orange Triathlon Club won the competition last year but were in second place before the Lake Canobolas event. Many of the Orange Runners’ Club members, who are also in the triathlon club, did the triathlon. With excellent results in all the age categories our triathlon club won on the day and are now in first place.
On the other side of town 59 Orange Runners’ Club members ran at Bulgas Road. One of these runners was Caitlin Patterson, who chose a difficult course for her first Sunday morning run with the club. To make it even harder she ran from her home to the start, with a big hill in between, covering a distance that most runners ran at Bulgas road, before even starting the club run! She ended up running really well in the 10k, see results below.
Bulgas Road Results: Hugh Daintith was the handicap winner. 3k Male: 1st Glenn Oborn (17.57), 2nd Steve Elliott (20.00), 3rd Harry Townsend (23.29); 3k Women: 1st Katie Hennessy (20.57), 2nd Trish Moran (21.42), 3rd Watinee Kaskangam (22.37). 5k Male: 1st Brandon Connolly (21.19), 2nd Jim Rich (22.55), 3rd Martin Davis (23.22); 5k Women: 1st Amber Rich (21.41), 2nd Sophie Gordon (31.29), 3rd Rhonda Williams (31.59). 10k Men: 1st Tom Gleeson (38.50), 2nd Peter Mueller (45.20), 3rd David Craig (50.22); 10k Women: 1st Melissa Watson (45.24), 2nd Caitlin Patterson (48.24), 3rd Penny Chandler (57.05).
At Elephant Park on Wednesday we met for our usual run/walk. 87 people participated with the handicap winner again being Hugh Daintith. Personal best times were recorded by many people, including Brett Sammut and Sally Kitto (1 second), Greg Pell (6 sec), Laura Wolfson (9 sec), Kyle Ostini (13 sec), Hugh Daintith (29 sec) and Nick Moran (90 sec). Frank Ostini commented after the run that his son Kyle, along with Laura Wolfson, should be tested for drug use, as they keep on improving. Kyle often beats his father over short distances now! However I am sure Frank is the reason for their improvement, as he coaches both Kyle and Laura. Maybe Frank is coaching Hugh Daintith also as Hugh has recently improved his run times to achieve pb’s and handicap wins.
There are only 3 weeks to go to the Colour City Running Festival, with 1 week to go before early bird entries close. By now you should feel comfortable in the running shoes you will be wearing on the festival day. If not then maybe you should visit one of the sponsors of the running festival, The Athlete’s Foot, because I am sure they will say to you “I never met a foot I couldn’t fit”.
We meet at Lake Canobolas at 9am this Sunday for 1 lap (3k) or 2 laps (6k) around the lake. We also meet at Elephant Park (5pm) on Wednesday for your choice of a 3k run or walk.
Tom Gleeson