Basil’s reply to well wishers

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I would like to sincerely thank the members of the Orange Runners Club for all the support they have given to Jean and me since I had my accident on Friday 13 January. I sustained 2 fractured thoracic vertebrae, T11 & 12, which it is hoped will repair in due course. Many of you came to see me in hospital with well wishes from others. We also received emails and cards expressing your sympathies and wishing me a speedy recovery.

I am currently fitted with a brace that enables me to walk and travel into Orange. We hope to assist with marshalling at the forthcoming Colour City Run and in the not too distant future I look forward to coming to an event and doing a walk. My aspiration is to return to gentle running, although it is not likely to be for many months. All your support bears out the true club spirit of “together we achieve individual goals”.

Best wishes to you all,

Basil Baldwin