Championship Points Update

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At the January committee meeting of  the Orange Runners Club, it was decided that we make changes to the age categories, to try and make the championship points allocations a bit fairer. There have been 2 new categories added and some changes to existing categories. The 2 new categories are: Mid which includes ages from 35-55 and Masters which includes ages for our 70 year and over members. The following is a list of the new age categories: 1-17 Junior, 18-34 Open, 35-55 Mid, 56-69 Senior, 70+ Masters, please note that ages are based on the event date.

The following is an update of the championship points, please click on the link/s that you wish to view: junior-female-open-june-2021    junior-male-open-june-2021    female-open-june-2021    male-open-june-2021    female-mid-open-june-2021    male-mid-open-june-2021    senior-female-open-june-2021    senior-male-open-june-2021    female-masters-june-2021    male-masters-june-2021