City2Surf 2013

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Congratulations to all Orange Runners’ Club members who completed the 2013 City2Surf in Sydney over the weekend. A large contingent of Orange Runners travelled to Sydney to tackle the world’s largest run, with 85,000 registered participants.

A Small Group of Orange Runners Club Members

POST RACE DEBRIEF: Joel Kitto, Stewart Vidler, Mike Cooper, Brian Rix, James Hennessy, Jack Daintith, Kinisha Roweth, Frank Ostini, Tony Syme, Danielle Syme, Estelle Dean, Matt Dean, Karen Neal, Lynda, Leanne Corcoran, Brandon Connolly, Robyn Cotten, Kyle Ostini.

Congratulations to the following Club members who completed the 14km course:

CHAPMAN, Lynda 1:24:22

CONNOLLY, Brandon 53:19

COOPER, Mike 1:02:13

CORCORAN, Leanne 1:03:33

COTTEN, Robyn 1:07:02

DAINTITH, Anthony 1:03:19

DAINTITH, Jack 1:03:00

DEAN, Estelle 1:01:45

DEAN, James 1:13:11

DEAN, Matt 1:05:52

DEAN, Sue 1:01:36

EGGLESTON, Richard 1:20:08

FULLGRABE, Pam 1:19:58

HENNESSY, James 1:24:23

KITTO, Joel 1:08:09

LUN, Simon 1:09:31

McLEAN, Iain 58:10

NEAL, Karen 1:06:35

OSTINI, Frank 1:01:55

OSTINI, Kyle 54:19

RIX, Brian 1:13:19

ROBERTS, Helen 1:54:53

ROSSER, Glenys 1:48:31

ROWETH, Daryl 1:03:20

ROWETH, Kinisha 1:16:05

ROWETH, Tiffany 1:36:22

SHARP, Michael 1:29:08

SIMMONS, Brad 54:34

SUNDERLAND, Naomi 1:27:29

SYME, Danni 1:23:38

SYME, Tony 1:00:07

TARLETON, Judy 1:36:19

VIDLER, Stewart 1:15:44

WHITELEY, Michelle 1:33:57

WHITELEY, Connor 57:19

New photos taken by Sandy & Bryce Ostini during and after the race are now available. Photos are located under Photos/2013/City2Surf 2013 however you will need to log in with your username and password to view them.  If you have any photos taken from the weekend that you would like added to the City2Surf album, please email them to Joel Kitto.