CWD : 14th October 2017

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Last Sunday, the regular weekend run was held at Orange Botanic Gardens, where 79 runners had the choice of one through to six laps of the picturesque 1.6km course. The first 3 finishers by gender for each distance are as follows:1 Lap – Female: Penny Keegan (12:22), Meg Reeves (12:38) and Denise Quinlan (17:31). Male: Oliver Chandler-Sullivan (7:15), Banjo Reeves (12:56) and Henry Reeves (13:51).

2 Laps – Female: Amber Rich (15:07), Eva Keegan (15:51) and Tanya Connolly (17:36). Male: Noah Lamrock (13:36), Jack Daintith (14:04) and Logan Whiteley (14:41).

3 Laps – Female: Ella Lamrock (23:51), Penny Chandler (25:28) and Julie Chapman (30:49). Male: Hugh Daintith (21:16), Mark Chapman (23:02) and Brad Simmons (23:19).

4 Laps – Female: Leanne Corcoran (29:23), Maggie McIntosh (37:19) and Jane Fairgrieve (37:27). Male: John Connolly (32:52), Nathan Garton (35:11) and Bill Fairgrieve (39:19).

5 Laps – Male: Iain McLean (36:50), John Moss (45:16) and Sewart Vidler (46:26)

6 Laps – Female: Alison Spurway (55:09). Male: Jared Sullivan (39:51), Daryl Roweth (43:39) and Mitch Essex (45:00).

A giant thumbs up to all who participated, Penny Keegan was declared the winner. Fastest lap of the morning belonged to Jared Sullivan, who did his 3rd 1.6km lap in 6:23.

Last Sunday also saw the Forbes Running Festival, where the club was well represented across all distances – 2K, 5K, 10K and the 21K Half Marathon. Performances by club members who attended are as follows:

2K: Keegan Wilson (29:33)

5K: Nicole Williamson (20:46 – 1st Female, 3rd overall), Cameron Ross (25:00), Alicia Ross (25:02), Ethan MacArdle (29:42), Graham Fahy (31:34), Sue Betts (33:14), Sharon Fahy (35:33), Glenys Rosser (36:29).

10K: Lachlan Ross (45:24 – 1st overall), John Betts (48:05), Chris Brown (53:30), Renai McArdle (58:26), Richard Eggleston (59:57).

Half Marathon: Mitch Williamson (1:13 – 1st overall), Adam Reeves (1:30 – 3rd overall), Ursula Wilson (1:35 – 1st female, 4th overall), and Gareth Thomas (1:45). A flat course and cool, damp conditions provided many with PBs. Well done to all who participated, you did us proud.

The Wednesday afternoon Elephant Park 3 lap handicap event saw 75 competitors take part in pleasantly warm conditions. The fastest ladies were Ursula Wilson (12:42), Ella Lamrock (12:48) and Alicia Ross (13:22). The fastest men were Rikky Bangert (11:20), Sam Gross (12:07) and Harry Cummins (12:16). Fastest lap of the Elephant Park circuit was clocked by Iain McLean at 3:33 for his last lap. PB’s were achieved by Belinda McCauley (12s), Anna Daintith (3s), Tyrone Rudman (7s), Oliver Molloy (6s) and David White (18s). Well done to all who took part, Oliver Molloy was declared the winner.

This Sunday sees the club back at Lake Canobolas, where members have the choice of one through to four laps of once of our nicest courses, a 2.5km circuit around the lake. Run will commence at 9am. In addition, we have the monthly trail run occurring at Mitchell’s Way at 6:45 am for a 7am start. This month its 13km, see club website for directions and mandatory equipment.

If members find themselves sick or injured, there is no harm in winding back training sufficiently to allow themselves to heal and recover, before returning to a full training load upon medical approval. Listen to your health professionals, as they are probably seen your condition many times before!
Members should visit the club website on or our Facebook page for further details on these and upcoming events. Those interested in joining our club should visit the club website for further information.

See you on the trail


Photo of Nicole Williamson, Mtich Williamson, Urshula Wilson & Lachlan Ross – our first place winners at Forbes Running Festival.