CWD 16 October 2021

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Kinisha Roweth

For the virtual run last weekend, 40 members headed to Stagecoach Road over the given days to conquer the course. It was noted that several challenges were at play during the run. It certainly made for some interesting finishes, runners in full flight, smiling faces and most enjoyable runs.

The leading club members in each distance were:

Male – Gary Taylor 15:01

Female – Claire Gates 18:57, Ruth Brown 20:41
Male – John Hannan 32:55

Female – Kim Roweth 31:38, Sarah Passey 32:17, Jane Fairgrieve 33:02
Male – Derek Thompson 22:44, Simon Lun 28:50, Steven Wensley 34:17.

Female – Courtney Hayes 42:41, Kinisha Roweth 45:16, Alicia Anlezark 46:17.
Male – Peter Finlay 36:04, Daryl Roweth 41:59, Mike Cooper 42:13

Female – Nicola Blore 1:00:53, Luisa Sims 1:13:28, Alison Spurway 1:15:00
Male – Iain Mclean 50:34, Jack Daintith 53:16, Andrew McArdle 1:19:56

This weekend’s virtual run location is Lake Canobolas. The lap distance is 2.5km and you can complete 1 to 4 laps. Set your challenge now and let’s get out there and together we will achieve our individual goals. Check out the website for further course details. You will be able to do your run anytime between Saturday and the Wednesday cut off time to get your run time and distance to Michael (by 3pm Wednesday 20th October).

This weekend we are also having a virtual trail run starting at the Federal Falls carpark. Mitch has marked out the 12.5km track with pink ribbons although there is no guarantee they will still be there till the cutoff on Thursday. For further course instructions and a link to the course map please check the email sent out. It is also most important that you have the mandatory equipment listed on our website with you especially for this time of year when there are snakes around (just ask Rhonda). Send your name and time to Michael by 10am Thursday 21st October.

Weekly reminder, when you are running to always adhere to the current COVID rules. Now with more numbers allowed to run in a group please ensure if you are together to stick to the sides allowing other runners/walkers to go past.

Information on our courses can be found on the Orange Runners Club website and updates will be provided through the Runners Club email.

Message from the committee; it is now time to get your nomination in for Runner of the Year and Junior Runner of the Year. Go to our website and send your nominations in. Good luck to all members and anyone can nominate a candidate for these awards.

Please continue to check the website, Facebook and watch your emails for more information on all our club activities and news.