CWD 16th September 2023

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EDITORIAL REPORT FOR CWD Saturday 16th September 2023

Merissa Horne

Last Sunday, 57 members attended our run at Berrilee Forest. The fastest in each distance were:

2 km
Female: Zoe Finlay 14:44, Emily Blore 17:30, Kinisha Roweth 23:00
Male: Angus Finlay 10:05 (NEW Course Record), Craig Penrose 13:48, Alex Irwin 19:07

4 km
Female: Kim Roweth 23:54, Marley Beahan 24:12
Male: Chris Clough 20:37, Steven Wensley 28:20, Ethan Petschel 28:40

8 km
Female: Alicia Anlezark 45:51, Neece Carrigan 47:38, Kate Harris 52:32
Male: Maxwell Horne 40:04, Peter Finlay 40:28, Hugh Daintith 41:40

12 km
Female: Nicola Blore 59:45
Male: Iain McLean 52:57, Jack Daintith 52:58, Griffin Robinson 54:04

Congratulations to Angus Finlay who broke the 2km course record, running 10:05!

97 members attended this week’s Wednesday run. The top three men were Mitch Williamson 9:22, Peter Finlay 10:40, Danny Boulton 10:46. The top three women were Lucy Jurd 11:57, Jessica Curran 13:10, Isobel Curran 14:03.
Personal bests were achieved by Ash Player 21:02 (11min 42 seconds) and Liam Petschel 25:49 (40 seconds).

Achievement medals were awarded this week to Ethan Petschel with 25 runs, Mark Thomas with 200 runs and Brian Penrose with an incredible 700 runs!

Tomorrow’s run is at Hiney Road where members can choose from 2.4km, 5km, 7.6km, or 10km.

Together we achieve individual goals.