CWD 17th February 2024

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EDITORIAL REPORT FOR CWD Saturday 17th February 2024

Merissa Horne

Last Sunday we were treated to a fantastic morning at the Baldwin run looked after by Basil and Jean. The fastest in each distance were:

Female: Isobel Curran 15:09, Lacey Curran 16:20, Emily Blore 22:00
Male: Nick Irwin 13:23, Nicholas Thomas 13:40, Craig Penrose 25:05

Female: Kim Roweth 33:26, Sue Klose 34:32, Tanya Miller 34:56
Male: Mark Thomas 25:33, Roy O’Donnell 29:51, Gareth Thomas 34:55

Female: Neece Carrigan 47:57, Samantha Pluymers 53:01, Jane Fairgrieve 57:47
Male: Luke Hockey 39:08, Iain Mclean 41:15, Quinn Lingier 43:58

Female: Luisa Sims 1:09:34, Alison Spurway 1:12:13, Kate Harris 1:16:48
Male: Jack Daintith 52:46, Hugh Daintith 56:20, Ian Spurway 58:23

77 members attended this week’s Wednesday run. The top three men were Peter Finlay 10:22, Hugh Daintith 10:49, Jared Sullivan 11:38. The top three women were Zoe Roberts 14:27, Isobel Curran 14:30, Kate Harris 14:54.

Congratulations to Hugh Daintith 10:49 (5 seconds), Hugh Wilson 11:59 (35 seconds), George Rutledge 15:22 (10 seconds) and Poppy Kay 16:13 (33 seconds) who all ran PB’s this week.

Tomorrow’s run is at Highland Heritage winery where members will complete 1 to 5 laps of the 2km course through the vineyard.

See website for course details.

Together we achieve individual goals.