CWD 2 October 2021

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Kinisha Roweth

Jack Brabham
Last weekend’s virtual run was at Jack Brabham, where we had 40 keen members run or walk the track. Members could complete 1 to 6 laps around the 1.75km loop, surprisingly no one chose to do the one lap. As you ran around, it is great to see the progress for the new sports stadium. This will be a great venue for Orange once it is completed.

The leading club members in each distance were:

Female – Ruth Brown 23:21, Fiona Montgomerie 31:30, Justine Neville 32:48.
Male – Gary Taylor 23:44, Trevor Jones 36:42, Michael sharp 41:47.

Female – Courtney Hayes 25:01, Samantha Pluymers 31:11, Claire Gates 33:15.
Male – Peter Finlay 19:57, Hugh Daintith 25:50, Simon Lun 27:22.

Female – Kim Roweth 43:49.
Male – Brad Simmons 32:30, Steven Wensley 45:10, Michael O’Mara 46:09.

Female – Sarah Passey 54:02, Karren Skelton 1:04:00.
Male – Mike Cooper 45:27, Phil Cranney 51:54, Andrew McArdle 59:22.

Female – Jane Fairgrieve 1:02:46, Kim Jarvis 1:03:15, Anna Daintith 1:06:52.
Male – Jack Daintith 41:02, Daryl Roweth 49:24, Anthony Daintith 52:29.

For the October long weekend’s virtual club run we will head to Clergate Road. The distances which will be marked out to complete will be 3km, 5km, 7.5km and 10km. Check out the website for further course details. You will be able to do your run anytime between Saturday and the Wednesday cut off time to get your run time and distance to Michael (by 3pm Wednesday 6th October).

Remember when you are running to always adhere to the current COVID rules. Now with more numbers allowed to run in a group please ensure if you are together to stick to the sides allowing other runners/walkers to go past. Still wearing a mask to and from the run and carry your mask with you during the run.

Information on our courses can be found on the Orange Runners Club website and updates will be provided through the Runners Club email.

A note from our President regarding membership.
Athletics NSW are making some exciting changes which will affect us and you will receive more information over the next weeks/months as we move forward with them in this transition. A couple of things that are changing include the platform where we register for ORC and the insurance that our members now receive. We will keep you up to date as we go along.

Please continue to check the website, Facebook and watch your emails for more information on all our club activities and news.

Information provided by Kinisha Roweth