CWD 20th June 2020

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After the months of isolation due to the Pandemic where many runners still tried to get out and exercise and run in many different ways, by themselves or with a friend and in the last month or so taking on different virtual challenges like 42km in 42hours, 61km in 42hours, Virtual Mothers Day Classic, HAS Virtual relay, GVRAT1000k etc. we are finally starting to get back to a more normal situation and now over the last 2 weeks, Runners Club members started to return to club runs via weekly virtual runs where members are advised of the track and distances at the start of the week. Then it is up to members to complete and time there run sometime during the week, not in large groups and making sure social distancing rules are followed and then forward a time and distance / number of laps to Michael Sharp before 5pm on the Sunday.

The first Virtual run was completed in the week up to Sunday 6th of June around the Endeavour Oval / Elephant Park 2.89km loop. With variations of 1 to 4 laps, 67 runners and walkers completed and entered their times, the fastest runners over the different distances being:

2.89km – female – Amber Rich 11:04, Claire Anlezark 15:00, Yonneka Hill 16:29.

Male – Rikky Bangert 10:35, Fred Bangert 12:12, Jai Anlezark 15:00.

5.78km – female – Kinisha Roweth 28:27, Julie Chapman 36:28, Kim Broadfoot 37:33.

Male – Iain McLean 22:02, Brad Simmons 24:21, Hugh Daintith 26:20.

8.67km – male – Joel Broadfoot 37:58, Mitch Essex 38:35.

11.56km – female – Alicia Anlezark 56:32, Kelly Jurd 1:07:07, Jane Fairgrieve and Kim Jarvis 1:12:00.

Male – Connor Whiteley 44:46, Jack Daintith 47:44, Daryl Roweth 54:27.


Then last week saw the challenge move to the Botanic Gardens where 63 people completed and sent times in to Michael with the fastest times over the various distances being:

1.6km – female – Amber Rich 6:40, Rebecca Essex 18:59.

Male – Rikky Bangert 5:33, Michael Sharp 22:55.

3.2km – female – Julie Chapman 20:28, Melissa Fogarty 21:25, Ruth Brown 22:19.

Male – Mitch Essex 13:04, Fred Bangert 13:36, Jai Anlezark 14:30.

4.8km – female – Kinisha Roweth 23:10, Yonneka Hill 27:37, Kate Thornton 28:23.

Male – Iain McLean 19:05, Brad Simmons 20:44, Hugh Daintith 21:12.

6.4km – female – Sue Betts 48:28, Glenys Rosser 1:06:00, Judy Tarleton 1:06:00.

Male – Logan Whiteley 30:22, John Moss 37:22, Trent Brown 43:07.

8km – female – Anna Daintith 57:00.

Male – John Betts 46:14, Charlie Brown 47:05, Russell Tym 53:42.

9.6km – female – Alicia Anlezark 49:19, Kim Jarvis 1:01:30, Jane Fairgrieve 1:01:30.

Male – Connor Whiteley 35:23, Jack Daintith 38:33, Daryl Roweth 45:45.


This week’s ORC Virtual run, to be completed and forwarded to Michael by 5pm Sunday (June 21), is 1 – 4 laps of the 2.5km Lake Canobolas track. Check the website and watch your emails for more information.


Happy Running.


Information provided by Daryl Roweth