CWD 21st October 2023

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EDITORIAL REPORT FOR CWD Saturday 21st October 2023

Merissa Horne

Congratulations to the ORC members who competed or volunteered at last weekend’s 2nd Lonely Mountain Ultra! It was great to see so many contributing to what was such a fantastic event!
For our regular Sunday run, 65 members ran and walked our Shiralee Road course.

The fastest in each distance were:

Female: Isobel Curran 8:49 (NEW Course record), Lacey Curran 9:39, Marley Beahan 11:52
Male: Mike Cooper 10:41, Brad Simmons 12:19, George Rutledge 12:45

4 km
Female: Samantha Pluymers 27:34, Madelein Barnard 28:09, Merissa Horne 29:30
Male: Roy O’Donnell 21:13, Russell Tym 27:01, Steven Wensley 28:35

6 km
Female: Sue Klose 39:28 (NEW Course record), Beckie Plant 1:05:27, Anna 1:05:27
Male: Maxwell Horne 34:34, Bill Fairgrieve 41:29, Baxter Sullivan 47:07

8 km
Female: Kim Roweth 51:27
Male: Chris Clough 39:23, Hugh Daintith 40:45, Eddie Feeney 45:00

10 km
Female: Rhonda Jones 1:09:44, Jane Fairgrieve 1:15:14
Male: Daryl Roweth 55:38

12 km
Female: Jannell Hooper 1:16:28
Male: Nathan Sutherland 47:25 (NEW Course record), Stephen Blackwood 1:19:38

Congratulations to Isobel Curran, Sue Klose and Nathan Sutherland who all set new course records at Shiralee!

71 members attended this week’s Wednesday run. The top three men were Jack Taylor 10:03, Jack Daintith 10:28, Peter Finlay 10:40.

The top three women were Lucy Jurd 12:37. Nicola Blore 12:55,
Isobel Curran 13:40. Personal bests were achieved by Jack Taylor 10:03 (4 seconds), Peter Shaw 16:07 (21 seconds) and Rhonda Jones 17:19 (11 seconds).

This week, achievement medals were awarded to Janell Hooper with 75 runs and Justine Neville with
300 runs.

For those not travelling to Bathurst for the Panorama Punish, tomorrow’s run is at the Botanic Gardens where members can choose to run 1-6 laps of the 1.6km course.

Together we achieve individual goals