CWD : 22nd July 2017

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Last Sunday, Orange Runners club held its weekend run at Endeavour Oval, where 61 members had the choice of one to four laps of a flat and picturesque 2.6km circuit taking in Elephant Park, Endeavour Oval and Moulder Creek. The first three finishers by gender for each distance are as follows:

2.6km – Men: Noah Lamrock (11:15), Mike Cooper (11:35) and Logan Whiteley (11:39). Women: Kelly Gleeson (12:51), Jade Lowden (13:35) and Annabel Grant (16:29).

5.2km – Men: Jackson Boucher (22:43), Alistair Merrifield (22:49) and Jack Daintith (22:49). Women: Ella Lamrock (23:48), Estelle Dean (25:34) and Penny Chandler (27:37).

7.8km – Men: Noel Annett (33:17), Nicholas Thomas (37:58) and David Williamson (41:53). Women: Lily Craig (44:16), and Ursula Wilson (65:12)

10.4km – Men: Jared Sullivan (40:41), Brad Simmons (45:35) and Joel Kitto (51:45).

Congratulations to all who participated, Julie Fitzpatrick was declared the winner. The fastest lap of the morning was Jared Sullivan, who did his 4th lap in 9:46.

Meanwhile, 14 members undertook the Mt Arthur Challenge near Wellington. Their results are as follows.  In the 9km Wedgetail Challenge, Iain McLean clocked a time of 43:20, and placed 2nd overall. Other notable performances included Ian Spurway (49:05), John Betts (1:00:03), Katrina Smith (1:03:27), Alison Spurway (1:03:27), Bill Fairgrieve (1:05:46), Pam Fullgrabe (1:09:25), Jane Fairgreive (1:12:07), and Graham Fahy (1:17:07)

In the 5km Wallby Run, Lachlan Ross – placed first overall with a time of 23:15. He was followed by Cameron Ross (28:30), Alicia Ross (31:43), Sharon Fahy (36:12) and Sue Betts (39:05). Well done to all who participated, especially placegetters.


The Wednesday afternoon Elephant Park 3 lap handicap event saw 35 competitors take part cold conditions. The fastest men were Jack Daintith (11:39), Noah Lamrock (11:56) and Samuel Gross (12:08). The fastest ladies were Jessie Dean (12:32), Abby Dean (12:34) and Estelle Dean (12:45). Fastest lap of the Elephant Park circuit was clocked by Jack Daintith at 3:31. A PB was achieved by Ethan McArdle (1:46). Abby Dean was declared the overall winner. Well done to all who took part.

This Sunday sees the club back at Bulgas Road, where members will have the opportunity to complete a hilly 3km, 5km, 10km and a new distance of 14km on a very hilly course, taking in Suma Park Dam and parts of Kinross Forest. This will commence at 9am. Please note that for winter the Wednesday Handicap Time Trial run at Elephant Park will commence at 4:45pm with a mass start.
Members should visit the club website on for further details on upcoming events. Those interested in joining our club should visit the club website for further information.

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Photo of Ethan McArdle and Keegan Wilson