CWD 23rd March 2024

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EDITORIAL REPORT FOR CWD Saturday 23rd March 2024

Merissa Horne

Last Sunday, 73 members were out at the Botanic Gardens and ran 1-6 laps of the 1.6km loop. The fastest in each distance were:

Female: Zoe Finlay 8:12, Kim Roweth 8:57, Bec Davis 9:04
Male: Angus Finlay 7:03, Fraser Finlay 14:15, Peter Gates 17:44

Female: Isobel Curran 14:52, Evie Harris 16:37, Poppy Kay 18:26
Male: Angus Sullivan 19:48, Eddie Feeney 31:06, John Moss 33:53

Female: Jannell Hooper 26:59, Kate Harris 27:23, Clarish Baltazar 28:04
Male: Mark Thomas 19:42, Mitchell Essex 21:08, Iain Mclean 21:25

Female: Alexis Moran 36:21, Juste Kucinskaite 38:07, Becky Went 42:14
Male: Peter Finlay 25:49, Chris Clough 28:47, Ben Sullivan 33:42

Female: Amy Crosbie 39:12, Luisa Sims 43:31, Penny Chandler 44:11
Male: Daryl Roweth 39:37, Gareth Thomas 42:54

Female: Nicola Blore 48:31, Marley Beahan 57:51, Kim Jarvis 1:05:09
Male: Nathan Sutherland 33:53 (NEW Course Record), Maxwell Horne 39:55, Jack Daintith 41:24

Congratulations to Nathan Sutherland who set a new course record in the 9.6km distance today with a time of 33:53!

57 members attended this week’s Wednesday run. The top three men were Hugh Daintith 10:45, Tim Robinson 11:12, Chris Clough 11:59. The top three women were Joanna McRae 12:53, Isobel Curran 14:16, Marley Beahan 15:00.

PB’s this week for Poppy Kay 15:06 (7 seconds), Philip Reed 20:39 (2 min 52 seconds), Annette Reed 21:45 (2 min 27 seconds). Well done to everyone.

Achievement medals were awarded to Juste Kucinskaite with 50 runs, Zoe Finlay, Chris Clough and Peter Gates with 100 runs and Sharon Fahy with 500 runs.

Tomorrow’s run is at Ploughman’s Wetlands where members can run 1-6 laps of the 1.6km loop plus good luck to the many members will be competing at the Great Volcanic Mountain Challenge on Mount Canobolas.

Together we achieve individual goals.