CWD 3rd February 2024

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EDITORIAL REPORT FOR CWD Saturday 3rd February 2024

Merissa Horne

Last Sunday we had a strong turnout at Berrilee Forest with 77 members.

The fastest in each distance were:

Female: Isobel Curran 9:18 (NEW course record), Lacey Curran 10:02, Jessica Curran 10:37
Male: Nick Irwin 10:38, Angus Finlay 10:44, Peter Gates 17:48

Female: Evie Harris 24:49, Marley Beahan 26:11, Amanda Desmares 26:43
Male: Henry Charge 18:55, Alex Irwin 21:37, Mike Cooper 24:59

Female: Bec Davis 41:21, Amy Crosbie 44:47, Kim Roweth 50:35
Male: Peter Finlay 33:45, Mark Thomas 37:19, Maxwell Horne 39:33

Female: Nicola Blore 1:03:02, Kate Harris 1:19:37, Sarah Passey 1:28:43
Male: Jack Daintith 54:20, Hugh Daintith 56:26, Ben Sullivan 57:03

Congratulations to Isobel Curran who has broken the 2km course record.

83 members attended this week’s Wednesday run. The top three men were Peter Finlay 10:22, Henry Charge 11:55, Hugh Daintith 11:56. The top three women were Rhianna Hume 13:06, Jessica Curran 13:22, Lacey Curran 15:00.

A personal best was achieved by George Rutledge 15:37 (25 seconds).

An achievement medal was awarded to Angus Sullivan with 25 runs.

Tomorrow’s run is the Baldwin’s run, held out at Clergate School. Members can choose from distances of 3km, 5km, 8km or 11.5km.

See website for course details.

Together we achieve individual goals.