CWD 8th April 2023

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EDITORIAL REPORT FOR CWD Saturday 8th April 2023

Chris Clough

Last Sunday’s run was at the always beautiful Botanic Gardens, we had 77 members come along for our Sunday run. Each member had the choice of 1-6 laps of the 1.6km course through the gardens.

The fastest in each distance were:

Female – Jannell Hooper 7:58, Clara Hooper 9:53, Lacey Hooper 13:39
Male – Chris Clough 6:04, Peter Gates 15:28, John Hannan 15:51

Female – Elizabeth Simpson 14:59, Claire Gates 18:35, Sally Postma 19:50
Male – Peter Finlay 11:47, Angus Finlay 15:23, Nicholas Thomas 17:12

Female – Alicia Anlezark 24:12, Alicia Ross 24:30, Lyn Stannus 27:46
Male – Nick Irwin 19:18, Derek Thompson 21:28, Albert Littlejohn 22:30

Female – Natasha Katsoudas 28:45, Kate Harris 37:37, Kim Jarvis 39:26
Male – Brad Simmons 28:36, Terry Clarke 36:32, Baxter Sullivan 47:58

Female – Colette Robinson 51:04, Anne-Marie Ryan 52:25
Male – Nathan Garton 43:33, Gareth Thomas 44:06, Alex Irwin 44:45

Female – Juste Kucinskaite 54:16, Marley Beahan 1:01:27
Male – Jack Daintith 37:47, Daryl Roweth 47:43, Hugh Daintith 47:59

For our usual Wednesday run 77 members attended Elephant Park. Members completed 1, 2 or 3 laps. Top three men were Jack Daintith 9:45, Peter Finlay 10:25 and Peter Bennett 10:48. The top three women were Isobel Curran 13:06, Alicia Anlezark 14:13 and Anna Pyle 14:44.

Personal bests were achieved by Zoe Finlay by 2:17 minutes, Lachlan Irwin by 2:02 minutes, Peter Bennett by 1:03 minutes, Ben Sullivan by 43 seconds, Anna Pyle by 34 seconds, Catherine Player by 16 seconds and Taryn Boulton by 14 seconds.

Achievement Medals were awarded to Lacey Hooper with 25 runs, Lachlan Irwin with 75 runs and Melissa Harding with 25 runs.

This coming Good Friday, the club will be having another trail run at Kinross Forest at 2:30pm. This will be a 6.6km course and will be quite hilly and challenging at points. This run will be dog friendly and will the perfect run to complete to justify all those easter eggs to be had over easter.

This Sunday run is at Bargwanna Road, this course is a ‘out and back’ course. Members will have the choice of 3, 5, 8 or 10km on this mostly dirt course. Members prepare yourselves and get your thinking caps on because this is a ‘No Watch Run’, all attending members will be asked to provide a guess on their completion time for their chosen distance. This always adds an element of excitement to everyone run and makes for an enjoyable morning for all involved.

Please continue to check the website, Facebook and watch your emails for more information on all our club activities and news.

Together we achieve individual goals.