Finally a nice run on a Sunday, shame about Wednesday :)

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We were lucky enough to have a sunny run on Sunday morning considering the weather the day before. Jumpers and tops were discarded during the run so it was apparent that everyone was feeling warm. The new course around Elephant Park was well received and plenty of comments were heard confirming it was a good run. One thing about a new run is that everyone has a PB time. 92 runners participated in the run and the handicap winner was Alistair Merrifield who completed the 7.8 km course in 31.30. Alistair has had a couple of wins of late but I daresay the handicapper will now well and truly put Alistair in his rightful place.

Good to see Glen Oborn is back running with the club. Glen ran the 5.20 km course on Sunday in the steady time of 28:26. Glen is improving week by week and at this rate it will not be long until he is back to his previous times. Hot on Glen’s tail was Greg Pell who finished the same distance in the time of 28:30; could be a bit of a competition going on between the boys. Sally Kitto continues to improve and at this rate husband Joel will be left standing when he returns to ORC following complete recovery from his injuries. This week Sally upped the anti and completed the longest distance, 7:80 kms in the princely time of 50.51. Sally was happy with her performance especially when she realised how far she had actually ran. Flying around the new course was Karen Neal. Karen completed the 7.8 km distance in the time of 34.36 which is a brilliant result considering she ran 17 kms the day before. Karen is focused on the Gold Coast Half Marathon and will do very well.

On Sunday, thanks to Tricia, samples of our new long sleeve running tops were available for trying. They feel great and will be perfect for running in these colder mornings. The tops will cost club members $25 each and only one order will be placed this year. Final orders with payment for the new tops will be taken this Sunday.

At this time of year everyone starts to focus on the various upcoming events. Firstly there is the Gold Coast Marathon in July, followed by the City to Surf, Mudgee Fun Run, and Dubbo Zoo Run, all in August and then the Blackmores Festival in September. If you would like to do extra training please feel free to join the Saturday morning road runners at 6.30 a.m. for a training session. Various distances are available.

Next weekend a small contingent of runners will represent ORC at the Gold Coast Marathon. Wayne Stewart will compete in the 10 km event on the Saturday and on Sunday Karen Neal, Maree Moss, Lynda Chapman, Jane and Bill Fairgrieve will complete in the half marathon, leaving the big 42 km marathon event to expert, Brett Sammut. Everyone is looking forward to the event and meeting up with Melissa Watson, who now resides in Brisbane . Melissa has indicated she will be running the half marathon.

Wednesday night 53 hardy souls attended Elephant Park . The weather conditions were atrocious and because of the wet the usual 3 km course was shortened by approximately 30 metres. The winner for the event was Leanne Corcoran in who completed the distance in the time of 13.20, which is a great time considering the conditions. Congratulations must go to new member, Dana Perrignon Roth who completed the course in 10:27 . Stayed tuned to Dana’s future results I am sure we will be all amazed at what this fine athlete will achieve. Well done to every one who attended on such a miserable night and good to see David Aseguinolaza back to the running after an eventful fishing trip. By the sounds of things China is safer on the ground that in the high seas.

Sunday’s run is at CSU and please park your car in P1 zone. Different distances will be on offer and club member Basil Baldwin has kindly offered to prepare an easy orienteering course for people to try following the run. Have a go, it is great fun. See you there.

Jane Fairgrieve.