Freezing run was only for the truly dedicated

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Article by Daryl Roweth

On Sunday morning unbelievably 20 odd runners ventured out to the Lake Canobolas in conditions that many people would question whether or not to set foot outside their house at all, let alone go for a run.  Even though Jessica Richards was declared the overall winner, I think all runners who competed are winners and worthy of a mention for their commitment.

1.15km – John Moss 6m59s

2.3km – Carol Donlan 15m40s, Carol Moss 24m27s.

3.45km – Iain McLean 14m9s, Jack Daintith 14m53s, Amber Rich 15m28s, Steve Flick 18m46s, Kim Jarvis 19m13s, Brian Rix 20m42s, Julie Chapman 22m05s and Gary Taylor 24m27s.

4.60km – Jim Rich 24m39s.

5.75km – Michelle Whiteley 35m32s and John West 48m45s.

6.90km – Mark Chapman 30m39s, Jessica Richards 31m41s, Dan Benton 31m57s, Anthony Daintith 33m24s, Richard Eggleston 39m44s and Judy Tarleton 45m32s.

Also on commitment though, we must mention John Hannan, Bill and Jane Fairgrieve for standing out in that weather and organising and timing the run.

On a sunny but cool Wednesday night at Elephant Park, 67 runners hit the track, with Connor Whiteley running a 15 second Personal Best with a 9m31s overall time, to be clearly the fastest runner of the night. Rebbeca Prestwidge ran a strong 18.31 to be declared the overall winner.

As well as Connor’s, Personal Bests were achieved by Nicholas Thomas 19s, Wayne Sunderland 11s & Eidan Monks 2s.

Good luck to those runners competing at the Gold Coast this weekend.  Enjoy the event.

This weekends run is at Jack Brabham Park on Sunday 9am. Due to many of our organising and timing guru’s being away this weekend and the possibility of the course needing to be changed due to the bog caused by the circus, please show a bit of patience and ask if you can help in any way.

Happy Running.

MAD KEEN: These runners were either mad keen or just mad to want to participate in the Orange Runners' Club run last Sunday at Lake Canobolas.

MAD KEEN: These runners were either mad keen or just mad to want to participate in the Orange Runners’ Club run last Sunday at Lake Canobolas.