Last Offical Run

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Last Sunday 49 runners turned up at Kinross Forest for the last recorded end of week run for this year. The morning was ideal for running. This cannot be said about the same run a few weeks ago when only 16 brave souls tackled the forest in torrential rain. Back then there were many temporary creeks which the runners had to cross. These had all disappeared although you could still see where they were. This allowed Wayne Stewart to finally get his message across to Kim Jarvis regarding that wet day a few weeks ago, when he said the 4.8k turn around was at the river. Wayne stuck up a sign which said that this is where the river was. Apparently Kim did not know which ‘river’ Wayne was talking about for the 4.8k mid distance run, so she ended up running the long course. Despite Wayne’s clarity Kim continued on to do the long run again!

Tony Fitzpatrick displayed some dedication on Sunday by arriving early and by the time the starter got the rest of the field on their way Tony was half way into the long run. It appears Tony has started training for the Orange Fun Run Festival early next March. His employer, Manildra Flour Mills, is again sponsoring the festival.

Results for Kinross Forest Run: 2k Men 1st David Craig (12.01), 2nd Matt Pell (13.29), 3rd John West (17.02); 2k Women 1st Kinisha Roweth (10.55), 2nd Emily Pell (13.35), 3rd Katie Hennessy (13.36). 4.8k Men 1st Jim Rich (24.27, who was also the handicap winner), 2nd Brian Sharp (26.05), 3rd Joel Kitto (26.37); 4.8k Women equal 1st (Nicole and Carrie Williamson), 3rd Liz Simpson (26.36). 9k Men 1st Tom Gleeson (35.23), 2nd Jared Sullivan (41.48), 3rd Peter Mueller (45.23); 9k Women 1st Penny Chandler (53.18), 2nd Kim Jarvis (54.00), 3rd Kay Davis (57.45).

On Wednesday afternoon there were 62 runners at Elephant Park for the 3k run. There were many personal best times recorded, which is a great effort considering we are in the ‘festive season’. Personal best times were recorded by Liz Simpson (10 seconds), Daryl Roweth (16 seconds), Trish Moran (20 seconds), Simon Lun (25 seconds), Emily Pell (35 seconds), Kim Roweth (37 seconds) and the handicap winner Tiffany Roweth (90 seconds). Also Mitch Williamson equalled his pb, with encouragement from Rod Draper, to show he is in good form for track racing next month. Well done to you all and keep up the good work. I hope you all have some Xmas pudding!

There is no run tomorrow but a few die hard runners will be at Elephant Park this Sunday at 9am. The 3k run at Elephant Park next Wednesday (at 5pm) is on.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a successful 2011.

Tom Gleeson.