Orange Runners’ Club prepares for the City to Surf

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Last Sundays run at Bulgas Road was the first of a 6 week program designed to help prepare for the City to Surf, which is on Sunday 14th
August. The City to Surf is a hilly 14k run that begins in the centre of Sydney
and finishes at Bondi Beach. It is the largest officially timed fun run in the
world, with the numbers increasing every year, reaching 85,000 people last
year. A large contingent from our club participate in this event every year,
combining an enjoyable weekend of socialising and running.

Results for Bulgas Road.

57 people took part in this run, with Gary Penrose being the handicap winner. Outright results were:

3k Male: 1st Brian Penrose (17.53), 2nd Gary Penrose (18.21), 3rd Harry Townsend (22.51);
3k Female: Equal 1st Isabelle and Lucy Clarke-Randazzo (16.42) and 3rdMonique Connolly (18.04).
5k Male: 1st Jack Daintith (21.44), 2nd Jim Rich (22.45), 3rd John Connolly (25.21);
5k Female: 1st Amber Rich (21.45), 2nd Laura Auberson (22.53), 3rd Lauren Kerwick (23.12).
10k Men: Tom Gleeson (39.37), 2nd Neil Williams (39.38), 3rd Brad Simmons (40.20);
10k Female: 1st Emma Packer (46.33), 2nd Laura Wolfson (49.24), 3rd Krissy Ward (56.50).

Wednesdays run at Elephant Park was a cold one, but still 45 keen people turned up. Despite the
conditions personal best times were recorded. People who ran pb times were Ian Crafter and
Jack Daintith (1 sec), Frehiwot Ward (2 sec), Matt Dean (3 sec), Connor Whiteley (13 sec), Jessica
Goodlock (30 sec) and Charlotte Simmons (an amazing 2 min and 3 sec!). It certainly is good for
you all to be so fit at this time of the year! Quickest time over the 3k run was recorded by
Mitch Williamson, who did 9min and 25sec.

Last weekend a group from our club went up to the Gold Coast Running Festival. Brett Sammut
led the charge, doing the marathon (42.2k) in 4hr and 43min, coming 3019th out 6230 people.
The following did the half-marathon (21.1k): Nathan Sutherland (1hr 18 min, 75th), Melissa Watson
(1hr 30min, 351st), Karen Neal (1hr 44min, 1569th), Jane Fairgrieve (1hr 54min, 3019th),
Linda Chapman (2hr 3min, 4599th) and  Maree Moss (2hr 4min, 4762nd) out of 8900 runners.
Wayne Stewart ran the 10k in 47min and came 613th out of 6000 competitors. All of our runners
did well, with pb’s for Linda Chapman (1min), Nathan Sutherland (2min), Brett Sammut (3 min)
and Jane Fairgrieve (an impressive 4min).

Jane Fairgrieve had trained exceptionally hard in the lead up to the Gold Coast Half Marathon.
She missed out on doing the Canberra Half Marathon due to illness, spending a week in bed and
a few weeks after to fully recover. Jane decided on the Gold Coast Half Marathon, as this gave her
time to get back into shape. After the run Jane and Bill spent a few days of r and r at the Gold Coast!
Perfect ending to a successful campaign.

We run at Berrilee Road this Sunday at 10am (4.4k/8.8k) and Elephant Park on Wednesday at 4.45pm (3k).


Tom Gleeson