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On Sunday around 50 runners headed out to the flat, outback course of Clergate where the dust kicks up off your heels. With three distances on offer only the real enthusiasm plunged deep into the 10km. For those completing the shorter distances some good results were achieved in the heat. Congratulations to Bailey Penrose for being the handicap winner.

RESULTS 3km: Female- Kinisha Roweth and Bec Fairgrieve 20:03, Sally Kitto. Male- Jack Daintith 11:58, Frank Ostini, Noah Lamrock. 5km: female- Amber Rich 21:06, Ella Lamrock, Jane Fairgrieve. Male- Alistair Merrifield 20:34, Jim Rich, Steven Wensley. 10km: female- Estelle Dean 45:40. Male- Brad Simmons 43:29, Mitchell Essex, Anthony Daintith.

We may have burned rubber in the Orange area but spare a thought for those competing in the Dubbo Athletics Carnival.  This group of Orange Runners Club athletics were not going to let the temperature of 44 degrees deter them.  The carnival is an Open event with both juniors and seniors competing and always a great friendly atmosphere.  Mitch Williamson, Liz Simpson, Nicole Williamson, Maree Moss, Judy Tarleton, Brian Rix, John West where extremely proud of their results as the seniors in the group.  The younger generation included the Pells – Matthew, Emily and Thomas, the Connolly’s – Kyle, Monique and Brandon, the Whiteleys – Connor, Noah and Logan and Kelsey Gray.  Many of this group brought home lots of medals, Judy seven from seven events, Connor 2 gold and silver, Noah silver and bronze, Matthew silver, Emily 2 bronze and silver, Thomas silver, Brandon 2 silver, Monique gold and bronze, Kelsey 3 gold, and silver, the Williamsons and Liz with bucket loads 3 gold each, John 3 gold and a bronze, with Brian 3 gold and Maree not going home empty handed either.

The electronic timing equipment has become a regular thing at our Wednesday events.  John Hannan and Michael Sharp have taken on the key role in the running of this new system. In a short period of time they have come to know the ins and outs of it all.  Well done boys.  For the members your times are now recorded by a timing chip, if you do not have one please see Frank they are only $6 each.

The ever improving Joel Kitto once again leaned into the corners and come away with a time of 11.13.  Millie Lenehan was awarded the winner clocking in 14.40 for her now regular efforts.  Mitch Essex and Sue Dean also look to be on a mission with some short distance speed and their rather long distances (30 plus km) on Saturday mornings, one might think they were in training for a marathon, keep up the good work.

From the Festival corner – the ORC members received a checklist for the Festival.  It would be great for members to start ticking the list off.  The Festival is a sense of achievement for us all.

This Sunday’s run is a watch free event being held at Bargwanna Road with 3km 5km and 10km distances.   Let’s see how close you can estimate your running time.  Good luck to all.

Dubbo Competitors : (from left) Connor Whiteley, John West, Noah Whiteley, Monique Connolly, Logan Whiteley, Brian Rix, Brandon Connolly, Judy Tarleton and Liz Simpson