President’s Report – January 2016

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Happy new year to you all!  May 2016 be filled with much happiness, good health and good luck.

Since my last report we have had our annual Christmas party and from comments I have received everyone had a good time and there have certainly been plenty of favorable comments about the food.  Thank you to Sue Betts for organising everything and also to all her helpers from shopping, to chopping, to garnishing to delivering the goodies to Nashdale Hall.  I would also like to thank our young folk who provided musical entertainment, Sam Betts on the electric guitar, and his friend Will on the double bass, Chelsea Gregor and Jack, Daintith singing,  it was really nice to have some backing music while we were eating and then a few songs afterwards.  Congratulations to all our award winners – that would be the first time I have ever known Brian Penrose to be lost for words!!  Unfortunately Meg Reeves wasn’t available to collect the Runner of the Year trophy but we were lucky enough to speak to her on the phone.

So, what happens next with Orange Runners Club – need I say more, the most important fun run  Orange Colour City Running Festival, which is held on the last weekend in February.  The OCCRF Committee will once again be looking for our help and I am sure, just like previous years, we will turn out in force and help in whatever way we can.   After such a successful fun run last year, the OCCRF are looking for a repeat performance or even better.  We wish them well in their endeavors and Head Co-ordinator, David Gibson will keep you all posted as to how everything is progressing at Sunday runs.

After our fun run it would be good if you could give some consideration to having a weekend in Canberra in April for their running festival.  It really is a great weekend and years ago as many as 80 of us would travel down for the weekend away, some staying one night others two nights.  We always had a great time and booked a club meal at East Lakes for the Saturday night.  Many of our runners have already indicated their interest, so join the fun and have a run in Canberra on the 9th and 10th April 2016.

April will also be the month for our Annual General Meeting.  The date for this has yet to be arranged but you will get plenty of notice once the date has been set.  Remember, this is your opportunity to have your say on the running of your club.  As with all AGM’s all committee positions will be declared vacant, so if you think you can contribute to the club and you are interested in becoming more active you are more than welcome to nominate for a position.  If there are any positions on the committee you would like more detail about please contact one of us on the current Committee  to discuss.

We have purchased a defibrillator and are praying we never need to use it, but it is there in the event of any emergency.  The defibrillator will be taken to each Sunday run and of course is at Elephant Park on a Wednesday.

Membership has now clocked in at 540 and we still have 3 months of our calendar year to go.  Two years ago we had a membership of 570 so it will be interesting to see if we can better that number.  Membership from now until 31/3/16 is only $10 for adults and $5 for children.  The new memberships will be due on 1 April for the 2016/2017 period.

Thankyou to Kay Davis for doing the mats for the month of January.  I mustn’t forget to say thank you also to Kim Jarvis for helping out when Kay was unable to attend.  We still need a few more volunteers for this job for later in the year.  Please consider helping out and let me know if you are able to assist.

Well done to Fiona Montgomery who has learnt how to set up the computer for the runs.  Fiona had it mastered after only one week.  The new computer is so much easier to use than the old system and if I can do it anyone can, so, please have go – you just need to tell us you want to have a shot at it and we will welcome  you with open arms.  The more people we have using the computer the better for the club.

Coop marked out a new course at Gosling Creek on our first run back and from all accounts it has been well received.  Thank you must also go to Mark Chapman for arranging a new run around CSU on the 10/1/16.  Part of the usual course at CSU is currently under re-construction so Mark worked out another route for us.  These sort of things all take a good deal of time so thank you to you both

Well that will do it for now, so as we all go forth with our running goals for 2016 I wish you all the very best in your endeavors – and of course injury free!

If you have any questions regarding anything, please feel free to contact me.