Tight race at Gosling Creek

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Article by Daryl Roweth

On a very ordinary Sunday morning 42 brave souls set out on the various distances and it was one of the rare occasions that more runners did the longer runs. Noah Whiteley set the mark for the boys 2.3km run with 19:32 for 1 lap of Gosling Creek. With the ladies it was a tight affair, with Renai McArdle (13:21) edging out the overall winner on the day Joanne Locke by seconds and President Jane Fairgrieve ran into third.  In the 4.6km speedster Connor Whiteley won the battle with Mark Chapman by a mere 5 seconds . Amber Rich (21:18) was again a winner, this time of the 4.6km run with Leanne (marathon) Corcoran and Julie Chapman filling the placings. In the long run (9.6km), Mitch Essex got a late start but recorded the fastest time of 44:19 to beat home the twin yellow highlighters Peter Mueller and Mike Cooper. Of the ladies, the very consistent Amanda Gregor (53:48) lead the field home with Kim Jarvis and Judy Tarleton filling the placings with strong runs.

Wednesday night at Elephant Park saw 120 odd runners out on the track with Andrew McArdle taking out the overall win on the night with a fast finishing 16:01, while Mitch Williamson again ran the fastest time of 9:39.

The amazing thing with Wednesday nights besides the number of starters is the numbers of people setting personal best times and the encouragement from many runners on the track to other participants. Makes you proud to be an ORC member.

Wednesday’s Personal Best List: Graham Fahy 1s, Lily Craig 1s, Madeleine Owens 2s, Toby Buckland 6m3s, Amelia Hogben 35s, Jameson Monks 22s, Mandy McLean 21s, Toby Sunderland 4m52s, Ethan McArdle 1m17s,  Alicia Ross 44s, Cameron Ross 33s, Jessica Clowes 29s, Hannah Lincoln 15s, James Harvey 6s,  Arabella Harvey 7s, Finn Scott 1m1s, Carly Wynne 5m37s, Narelle Cochrane 2m10s, Sonia Rudd 3m6s, Mackay Man Ha 35s, Gary Scovell 17s, Catlin Prestwidge 1m37s, Hailey Prestwidge 1m13s, Kate McMaster 2m58s and Kath Mcmaster 23s.

It’s the last chance this Sunday to put your name down for the ladies annual trip to Blackmores Festival in Sydney on September 20th.  If you would like to join in the fun please see Sharon Fahy or Jane Fairgrieve.

Also the Gold Coast for the Airport Marathon running festival on the 5th and 6th of July is only 2 weeks away, so everybody should look at starting to taper off on the hard training and get a bit of recovery before your races.

There are club jumpers / hoodies available to order with a special $ deal available for orders of 10, so if your interested in getting one talk to Jane or Bill to find out more details.

This weekends run is at the Botanic Gardens with runs ranging from 1 (1.6km) to 5 laps (8km).

UP FRONT: Andrew McCardle was this week's Wednesday night winner at Elephant Park.

UP FRONT: Andrew McCardle was this week’s Wednesday night winner at Elephant Park.