Wednesdays Announcements

 In News

Wednesday 25th May   —

Sunday’s winner was – Matthew Ward   —

The chocolate drive is well under way, all boxes have been distributed. Can you please get your money back ASAP, thanks everyone.   —

Several people went to Canberra and ran well, congrats all.   —

Next Wednesday a NEW START TIME – 4.45pm. You will need to be there earlier to get your name marked off please.   —-

There will be a new program out for the Winter months – including new runs. Keep checking the site for details.   —

Anyone with stories of interest please forward details to Frank for inclusion on the site – it’s our site so let’s use it!   —

Mudgee Fun Run is August 20 & 21, dont forget to register and organise accomodation if necessary.   —

Please take the time to put your numbers back in order – this saves someone else having to do it.   —

Several young members have been doing well in School Cross Country and advanced to the next level – well done and good luck.