State Cross Country, Kinross Forest and the Pinnacle Run

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Last Friday 7 of our junior members competed in the State Cross Country competition held at Homebush.  Congratulations are extended to Charlotte Simmons, Frehiwot Ward, Grace Wicks and Josh Nagle; the four of them ran the race of their lives and should be very happy with their efforts.  Outstanding results where achieved by Connor Whiteley, who came 8/75 in the 12 years boys,  Lauren Kerwick, who came 12/79 in the 11 years girls and Kyle Ostini, who came 23/114 in the 14 years boys.  These young folk must be very proud of themselves, outstanding results when you consider they were competing against the best in the state.  More information is available on our website.


Sunday run was at Kinross Forest and no wonder the kookaburras where laughing as 103 people discarded their warm clothing and commenced the trek into the forest area.  The handicap winner was Lucy Clarke-Randazzo who completed the 4.8 km course in the time of 26:55.  Lucy was one of 38 who completed the 4.8 course, whilst 39 did the 9 km and 26 the 2 km courses. One person very pleased with their result was Wayne Stewart who completed the 9 km course in the time of  47:52.  That gave Wayne a 4:41 BP for that course and his 9th PB overall this year; whatever Wayne is doing is certainly agreeing with him.   I have been informed by the Eagle Eye that Laura Wolfson broke the female 9 km record on Sunday recording a time of 41:19.  The record has previously been held by Amber Rich since May 2007.  Another outstanding run in the 4.8 distance was recorded by Lauren Kerwick in the time of 20:23 .  This also breaks Amber’s record held since January 2005.


It was with pleasure that President Frank presented club member Kim Jarvis with her 900 runs certificate.   It has taken Kim 10 years to achieve this status and working on the statistics, she hasn’t missed many runs in that time.  Frank also presented a 400 run certificate to Maree Moss and a 100 runs certificate to Rebecca Halls.

The previous Sunday awards were also presented to Sally Kitto for 100 runs, Brian Penrose and Noah Whiteley for 200 runs each.  Congratulations to you all and your continued dedication to running and our club.  Participation certificates are coming up quick and fast these days and that is not surprising considering there are at present 350 current individual members.


Results for Kinross Forest  –  2 km  Female – 1st Emily Pell,  2nd Greg Pell – 12:28, 3rd  Chris Davis – 12:31.  4.8 km – 1st Kyle Ostini 20:23, 2nd Connor Whiteley  20:44, 3rd Lauren Kerwick 20:58.  9 km – 1st Tom Gleeson 35:28, 2nd Neil Williams 38:28, Matt Dean 38:47.


Wednesday night at Elephant Park was once again busy with 90 runners attending. The handicap winner was Alisa Nicol who completed the 3 km distance in the time of 14:16 . Favourable weather conditions brought  about plenty of PB’s –  Steph Harrison – 15 sec, Jack Daintith – 15 sec (he is on fire this young man), Emily Pell – 21 sec,  Liz Simpson – 20 sec, Matt Dean – 3 sec, Darryl Roweth – 4 sec, Connor Whiteley – 5 sec, Alisa Nicol  16 sec, Richard Eccleston – 1 sec.  Well done to you all




Exciting news and one for your diary.  On 3 September 2011 at the Hotel Canobolas commencing at 5.00 p.m. we will be hosting an information evening.  We are very lucky to have three guest speakers attend to discuss certain aspects of fitness.  Jackie Jasprizza will be talking about nutrition, Paul Davidson from Fitness Perfection Gym will be discussing exercising and Dr. Gareth Thomas will be attending from Dubbo to address us on sports injury management.  Cost for the evening will be $10.00 per adult and children free.  The evening is only open to ORC members.  At the conclusion of the talks finger food will be served.  More details will be made available shortly.


You might find it hard to believe but it is time to start and think about the 2012 Orange Running Festival.  The first thing to be done is to determine a charity which would benefit from the proceeds of our run.  If you know of a charity and would like to nominate them please obtain a Charity Application Form and provide it to the charity of your choice for completion.  We are on a tight time frame and the application forms must be received by the committee no later than 15 August 2011 .  Forms are available at the runs or contact Tricia Frost for further information.


Club member Ian Crafter recently competed in the Victorian Half Marathon. Ian’s time for the half was 1:39:00 and he was placed 25th in the 50-59 age group and 700th out of 3,400 runners.  Great result Ian.


The Sunday run is at the Pinnacle – I know you are all groaning and the news gets worse.  President Frank will be there at 9.00 a.m. prompt for a pre-run of the 7.7km mountain course before doing it all again at 10.00a.m.  If you want extra training for the City2Surf this would be ideal for you.  Thankfully I am not doing the City2Surf so you won’t see me.


Jane Fairgrieve