Crazy or Hard Core?

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Last Sunday 79 people from the Orange Runners’ Club met near Clergate School for our mid-winter run. Brian Penrose made the comment that this time of year shows who are the hard core runners in our club. Or did he mean crazy core runners!


Apart from keeping fit, many people go to the club runs for other reasons. These include socialising (Maree Moss, who was here today, is at the top of the list), competing against other people or the clock (Brett Sammut and Daryl Roweth continually do pb’s), adding to their total number of club runs (Gary Taylor is untouchable at over 1,250 runs and he was adding to his total today), to be most consistent Runner of the Year (Kim Jarvis and Sheree Ryan have been arch rivals for this title over the last decade and were both here today), a break from a long bike ride (John West) and to sell puppies! (Allistair Merrifield had 2 Shar Pei puppies which were on show after the run).


Results for the Clergate School Run 3k Men: 1st Tony Fitzpatrick (15.21), 2nd Gary Penrose (16.29), 3rd Logan Whiteley (18.25); 3k Women: 1st Rhianna Fitzpatrick (13.23), 2nd Kinisha Roweth (14.18), 3rd Isabelle Clarke-Randazzo (14.26). 5k Men: 1st Kyle Ostini (19.06), 2nd Connor Whiteley (19.08), 3rd Jack Daintith (22.26); 5k Women: 1st Lauren Kerwick (20.16), 2nd Alison Kittel (25.00), 3rd Kim Jarvis (25.34). 10k Men: 1st Tom Gleeson (38.54), 2nd Allistair Merrifield (39.11), 3rd Matt Aza (40.34); 10k Women: 1st Karen Neal (44.33), 2nd Estelle Dean (47.11), 3rd Jane Fairgrieve (52.02). Handicap winner for the day was Maree Moss.


On Wednesday 85 people turned up for the 3k run at Elephant Park. Greg Delaney was the handicap winner on the day and Mitch Williamson ran the quickest time (9.09). Personal best times were recorded by Matt Dean (1 sec), Emily Pell (4 sec), Allistair Merrifield (11 sec) and Simon Lun (11 sec). Allistair used to be one of the top track runners back in New Zealand about 10 years ago and is now starting to find some of his old form (running 10.29 for the 3k).


It is great to see new runners join our club, especially when they travel so far. Kate Brien is a regular now and along with Jenny Ferguson, they travel from Narromine and Emma Packer comes from Dubbo.


We run at Kinross Forest this Sunday at 10am (2k/4.8k/9k) and Elephant Park on Wednesday at 4.45pm (3k).


Tom Gleeson.