CWD 11 December 2021

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Thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed our Christmas party/ presentation last weekend, it was a great night out! Congratulations to those who won or were nominated for an award. The Runner of the Year was awarded to Daryl Roweth, also nominated for ROTY was Alicia Anlezark, Chris Pooley, Iain Mclean, Peter Finlay, Rhonda Jones, Kim Roweth and Nicola Blore. While the Junior Runner of the Year was awarded to Claire Gates, also nominated for Junior ROTY was Will Robinson and Maxwell Horne. More award recipients to come next week.

Post presentation, the amazing Michael Sharp calculated some club statistics.

Pre electronic timing (7/10/1979 – 30/12/2012)

Number of runners – 3,042

Distance ran – 345,983.93km

Avg distance per runner – 113.74km

Electronic timed events (2/1/2013 – 5/12/2021)

Number of runners – 1,553

Distance ran – 249,589.54km

Avg distance per runner – 160.71km

Total distance ran (7/10/1979 – 5/12/2021) = 595,573.47km


I can’t express enough how thankful everyone involved in the club are for Michael’s efforts every single week to make sure we all have a result for our run / walk on a Wednesday and Sunday.


Last Sunday, to run off all the food eaten at the Christmas party, 45 members headed to Jack Brabham to complete the 1.75km loop 1 to 6 times.

The leading club members in each distance were:

Female – Merissa Horne 11:46, Denise Quinlan 17:09, Helen Roberts 20:22.
Male – Andrew McArdle 9:03, David Craig 15:17, John Hannan 16:43.

Female – Kinisha Roweth 16:54, Samantha Pluymers 18:58, Alison Spurway 21:07.
Male – Craig Penrose 21:34.

Female – Claire Gates 30:20, Kim Roweth 31:04, Judy Tarleton 41:26.

Male – Jack Daintith 19:05, Brad Simmons 25:26, Maxwell Horne 26:45.

Female – Sue Klose 40:56, Juste Kucinskaite 41:50, Colette Robinson 46:03.

Male – Brain Sharp 43:01, Bill Fairgrieve 50:44.

Female – Anna Daintith 1:08:45.

Male – Russell Tym 52:50, Basil Baldwin 1:05:56.

Female – Kim Jarvis 1:06:23, Jane Fairgrieve 1:06:24, Karren Skelton 1:16:09.

Male – Tim Robinson 46:40, Sam Collins 48:56, Mark Thomas 49:39.


On Wednesday afternoon, 34 members escaped their houses post rain for a run at Elephant Park completing 1, 2 or 3 laps. Top three males were Jack Daintith 9:52, Peter Finlay 10:06 and Tim Robinson 10:50. Completing the top three ladies were Leanne Corcoran 11:56, Amy Robinson 12:47 and Nicola Blore 13:08.

Personal bests were recorded this week by Samantha Pluymers who knocked another 7 seconds off taking her time down to 14:28.

Congratulations to our achievement medal receiver this week: Eddie Feeney 50 runs

This Sunday’s run is at a new location which is Four Mile Creek (Pine Rocks Road), with the start between 8:30am and 9am. Please check the website for more course information. The distances that will be marked out are 2km, 5km, 7.5km and 10km. Due to the location if you are able, please carry a mobile phone and we need to be very aware for snakes.

Wednesday runs will commence at 4pm and you can run any time after that as long as you are finished by 5:30pm.

Please continue to check the website, Facebook and watch your emails for more information on all our club activities and news.