CWD 11 June 2022

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EDITORIAL REPORT FOR CWD Saturday 11th June 2022

By Chris Clough

Sunday’s Run at Hiney Road was another cold and misty morning for all runners attending. The consistent rain we have been receiving did not help track conditions, with a few potholes and mud holes to avoid whilst on course. But overall, it was a successful run for all at Hiney Road. The top results are as follows:

Female – Isobel Curran 11:28, Jessica Curran 12:16
Male – Angus Finlay 11:52, Michael Sharp 21:02, Trevor Jones 24:41

Female – Kim Jarvis 29:37, Kinisha Roweth 31:10, Merissa Horne 32:06
Male – Peter Finlay 19:29, Iain Mclean 22:10, Hugh Daintith 25:29

Female – Claire Gates 41:14, Alison Spurway 44:30, Kim Roweth 45:28
Male – Chris Clough 35:25, Michael Kauter 45:41, Russel Tym 45:51

Female – Nicola Blore 46:46, Ayako Kusui 52:37, Amy Robinson 54:12
Male – Luke Hockey 41:31, Maxwell Horne 46:18, Warwick Blackwell 49:21

Unfortunately, our usual Wednesday’s Elephant Park run was cancelled last week due to the icy conditions that were present. It was in the club’s best interest to cancel this run for the safety of all members. We look forward to this coming Wednesday.

This Sunday’s run is at Stagecoach Road, all participants have the choice of 2km, 3km, 5km, 8km and a 12km option. This is a hilly course with combined terrain of dirt roads and sealed roads. The surrounding view are worth the hill climbs. The club’s ask’s all members attending this run to dress appropriately for the potential harsh condition on the morning. Another reminder for all attending, is to follow the safety guidelines for all our club runs, stick to the right side of the road and always beware of the potential of oncoming traffic.

Another reminder that our Elephant Park run time has moved to a start time of 4:35 with a mass start at 4:45pm.

Please continue to check the ORC website, Facebook page and watch your emails for more information on all our club activities and news.

Together we achieve individual goals.