CWD 4th June 2022

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EDITORIAL REPORT FOR CWD Saturday 4th June 2022

By Chris Clough

Sunday’s Run at CSU was a 1.9km loop course, where members could complete 1-6 laps. 52 members attended this morning run. It was a cold morning for all attendees, so the sun was a desirable place to be pre and post run. The top results are as follows:


Female – Isobel Curran 9:46, Jessica Curran 11:26, Justine Neville 17:28
Male – Daryl Roweth 9:49, John Hannan 19:38, Brian Penrose 53:00

Female – Kinisha Roweth 36:12, Denise Quinlan 44:38
Male – Luke Hockey 17:07, Chris Clough 17:13, Gary Taylor 28:16

Female – Leanne Corcoran 28:21, Amy Robinson 30:32, Claire Gates 32:30
Male – Ian McLean 25:44, Mark Thomas 26:35, Clive Blore 30:36

Female – Karren Skelton 56:45, Angela Kauter 1:03:10, Lynn O’Mara 1:03:27
Male – Peter Finlay 31:22, Hugh Daintith 37:22, Russel Tym 45:41

Male –Michael Kauter 1:03:35

Female – Nicola Blore 57:43, Ayako Kusui 1:03:51, Luisa Sims 1:05:28
Male – Jack Daintith 46:22

For our weekly Wednesday run, 46 members ran at Elephant Park, participating members completed their choice of completing 1, 2 or 3 laps. Top three males were Jack Daintith 9:40, Peter Finlay 10:11 and Maxwell Horne 11:43. The top three females were Charlotte Meiring 12:09, Nicola Blore 12:16 and Lauren Reid 12:43. Well done on these fantastic times and to all members who participated.

Personal bests were recorded this week by Angus Finlay, 16 seconds, Charlotte Meiring, 48 seconds, Maxwell Horne, 9 seconds, Jessica Curran, 8 seconds and Adam Skelton, 37 seconds.

Achievement medals awarded this week were to Emily Blore with 50 Runs. Well Done

This Sunday’s run is at Hiney Road. Hiney Road is an old favourite of the club, one of which was a virtual run during covid times. All attending members must start between 8:30 and 9am and the distances marked out will be 2.4km, 5km, 7.6km and a 10km course. Wednesday’s run will commence at 4:35pm for any announcements and a mass start shortly after.

Another reminder that our Elephant Park run time has moved to a start time of 4:35 with a mass start at 4:45pm.

Please continue to check the ORC website, Facebook page and watch your emails for more information on all our club activities and news.

Together we achieve individual goals.