CWD : 12 November 2016

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Last Sunday the club runners were split between the normal club run at CSU and the nearby Carcoar Cup.
In the Carcoar Cup event our best results came in the Carcoar to Creek Dash which was approximately a 6.4km run. Mitch Williamson was the overall winner in the speedy time of 23:13. Coming in in second spot and first female was the amazing Meg Reeves (26:32), while Ursula Wilson (28:15) also did well in beating home fellow runners club runners Nicole Williamson (28:25) and Amber Rich (29:03) into the third female finished. Other results from the day were:
Marathon – Nick Thomas 4:02:45 & Gareth Thomas 4:03:32.

Half Marathon – Iain McLean 1:23:14, Mitch Essex 1:28:47, Mike Cooper 1:38:23, Paul Centofanti 1:44:59, Stephen Blackwood 1:59:11, Erin Gibson 2:53:01 and Gill Hay 2:53:01.

Carcoar to creek Dash – Caitlyn Broadfoot 31:32, Brett Sammut 31:56, Tyrone Rudman 35:21, Russell Tym 36:48, Bailey Penrose 43:52, Graham Fahy 43:57, Glenys Rosser 52:36, Sue Betts 62:31 and Toby Betts 69:39.

Kids Dash – Oliver McLean 13:58, Cameron McLean 15:04, Emily Sammut 16:55 and Keegan Wilson 20:49.

Teams Marathon – Nathan Garton was in the team that came in third running a combined time of 3:56:45.
Dani Syme was also in a team that enjoyed the event and their combined time was 4:36:34.

At the club run at CSU about 50 starters tackled the strong winds with Anton Lynar (15:32) who was the fastest over the 3.2km distance as he also picked up the overall win on the day. All the top three results for the distances were:
1.6km – Rosie Corcoran 13:45, Moya Vidler 24:59 and Sally and Josephine Kitto 25:09.
3.2km – Michelle Whiteley 19:39, Kietta Shaw 19:47 and Sophie Gordon 20:08.
4.8km – Leanne Corcoran 21:40, Ella Lamrock 24:51 and Nicole Bailey 29:37.
6.4km – Lily Craig 34:31 and Judy Tarleton 50:16.
8.0km – Kim Jarvis 50:16, Renai McArdle 51:48 and Jane Fairgrieve 53:32.
1.6km – Logan Whiteley 7:06 and Brian Penrose 11:33.
3.2km – Anton Lynar 15:32, David Craig 17:19 and Martin Ryan 20:13.
4.8km – Jackson Boucher 21:28, Alistair Merrifield 23:17 and Hugh Corcoran 24:52.
6.4km – Richard Eggleston 37:58.
8.0km – Daryl Roweth 36:30, Joel Kitto 42:31 and Anthony Daintith 43:39.

On Wednesday afternoon at Elephant Park 55 runners circulated around the track, with Emily Pell completing her three laps in a very consistent time of 14:56 to be the overall winner. Fastest recorded laps belonged to Iain McLean 10:56 and Rikky Bangert 10:57, while Alicia Ross was the fastest of the girls running 12:31.

This week the Sunday club run is at Kinross Forrest starting at 9am.

Don’t forget to go to the runners club website and register and pay the small fee, for the Christmas Party, which is on the 3rd of December at the Bowling Club.

Information provided by Daryl Roweth



Photo of some of our runners after the Carcoar Cup last Sunday.
From L-R Nicole Williamson, Mitch Williamson, Glenys Rosser, Tyrone Rudman, Meg Reeves, Iain McLean, Graham Fahy, Keegan Wilson, Mitch Essex and (kneeling) Ursula Wilson.