CWD : 5 November 2016

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Last Sunday the club held its relay day at Elephant Park where two person teams were drawn from a hat. Runners and walkers ran alternate laps until each runner had completed three laps.

Overall winners on handicap were Oliver McLean and Mike Cooper who recorded a time of 63:02 including handicaps. Coming in second were Craig Penrose and Hugh Daintith (65:11) and Lily Craig and Erin Gibson coming in third (66:07).

The fastest teams on the day were:

John Connolly and Daryl Roweth who recorded 23:08.

Amber Rich and Anthony Daintith 23:15,

Nick Thomas and Evan Price 23:43.

Lucky draw prize winners were Kate Ziegler, Craig Penrose and Amber Rich.


Also on the weekend, Alicia Ross, Meg Reeves and Adam Reeves competed in 4 Peaks Bright Mountain Challenge which is ran over four mountain peaks including Mt Bufalo and Mt Hotham. A total climb of some 6000 metres.

Meg Reeves was outstanding being first female finished in a total time of 6h22m15s while Alicia Ross was sixth female finished in a time of 8h24m35s. Adam Reeves completed 3 of the 4 peaks with some strong finishing times while Dave Ross was their main support crew.


On Wednesday afternoon at Elephant Park 59 starters crossed the mats with Nick Thomas having a great afternoon being recognised for his 100th club run, whilst also running the fastest time of 11:20 which was also a 25s personal best. Kim Roweth 400 runs and Kinisha Roweth 300 runs also were awarded certificates. The fastest femaleĀ  was Ella Lamrock with a time of 12:52 while Mylena Duchene(37s) ran a personal best as did Oliver McLean, with his 5m58s personal best securing him the overall win in a time of 18:40.


This week the club run is at CSU, while many runners will compete in the Carcoar Cup running festival.


Information provided by Daryl Roweth



Photo of the runners and support crew from the 4 Peaks Bright Mountain Challenge.
L-R Support crew David Ross with runners Alicia Ross, Meg and Adam Reeves.