CWD : 29 October 2016

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Last Sunday the club run was held at Clergate with 75 runners and some cows looking to cross the start mats. There were many fine performances, but Ian Spurway (43:50) ran a strong race to finish third fastest overall over the 10km journey to take out the overall win.



3km – Emily Pell 17:43, Julie Fitzpatrick 18:00 and Julie Chapman 18:24

5km – Nicole Williamson 20.38, Ella Lamrock 23:42 and Lily Craig 24:44.

10km – Ursula Wilson 44:38, Amber Rich 45:21 and Meg Reeves 54:21.


3km – Tyrone Rudman 14:43, Bailey Penrose 15:04 and Noah Whiteley 15:28.

5km – Mark Chapman 21:31, Jack Daintith 22:03 and Alistair Merrifield 22:24.

10km – Brad Simmons 42:40, Mitch Essex 43:24 and Ian Spurway 43:50.


Also on the weekend Alicia Ross competed in the Kedumba (trail run) 10km race finishing fifth overall and third female in a time of 1:02:06.

In the kids trail 3km race Lachlan Ross (12:28) came second overall and first in his age category, while brother Cameron (17:34) came in fourth place in his age group.


On Wednesday afternoon at Elephant Park 84 runners hit the track with the October Junior Spring Carnival kicking off proceedings. Isabel Edmonstone finished third in her age category as she picked up the overall win for the day. The top three placegetters in each category were:


1-3 y Josephine Kitto 14:21.

4-6 y Abigail McLean 7:51.

7-9 y Hanna Gross 8:24 and Lily Bangert 9:49.

10-12 y Ella Lamrock 12:45, Michelle Hayes 14:08 and Isabel Edmonstone 15:03.

13–15 y Lily Craig 12:49 and Caitlyn Edmonstone 16:25.

16–18 y Chloe Ziegler 18:41.


1–3 y Thomas Gibson 7:51 and Banjo Reeves 9:39.

4-6 y Henry Reeves 9:40.

7-9 y Cameron Ross 9:24, Haydon Scrimshaw 11:24, Cooper Bennett 11:27.

10-12 y Ricky Bangert 11:24, Lachlan Ross 11:40, Samual Gross 12:17.

13-15 y Noah Lamrock 10:59, Harry Cummins 12:14 and Hugh Daintith 12:41.

16-18 y Jack Daintith 11:50 and Bailey Penrose 14:28.


Once the juniors were underway, the over 18’s got started as well, with Iain McLean setting the pace, recording 10:44 while Meg Reeves was the fastest female running 11:21.

Sunday’s club run is at Elephant Park and a relay will be run. Get there a bit earlier to get your name down so teams can be drawn and the running can kick off at 9am.


Information provided by Daryl Roweth



Photo from this weeks Junior Spring Carnival presentation.