CWD : 22 October 2016

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Last Sunday saw the clubs runners converge on Bulgas Road and thankfully with a little less ran lately, the water flow was slow enough to allow the runners to cross the creek. Unfortunately the tough course was made even harder with a strong headwind on many sections of the track.


On to the running and 70 starters crossed the mats with the Martin Family again to the fore, with Pip winning the overall handicap after completing the 3km course in a time of 17:54. Top three places in each distance were recorded by:


3km – Sophie Martin 15:43, Grace Srzich 16:28 and Brooke Martin 16:28

5km – Janet Martin 22.25, Ella Lamrock 23:29 and Lily Craig 27:44.

10km – Ursula Wilson 47:43, Amber Rich 48:33 and Alicia Ross 51:58.


3km – Lachlan Ross 13:18, Logan Whiteley 15:22 and Craig Penrose 15:49.

5km – Noah Lamrock 22:30, Alistair Merrifield 24:17 and Anton Lynar 24:32.

10km – Iain McLean 42:47, Brad Simmons 44:45 and Ian Spurway 48:45.


On Wednesday at Elephant Park 58 runners hit the track with Oliver Hopkins running a strong 13:36 for his three laps to be awarded the overall win. Fastest on the day was Iain McLean who ran 11:01, while Amber Rich was the fastest of the girls running 11:49.

Personal Best times were set by Lily Craig who ran 12:15 for a 22s PB, while Lily Bangert who recorded 14:55 for a 4s PB and Noah Whiteley who smashed out 13:58 for a great 21s PB.

Sunday’s club run is at Clergate School starting at 9am.


Information provided by Daryl Roweth