CWD 16 April 2016

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On the weekend a large contingent of Runners Club members travelled to the Nations capital to compete in the Australian Running Festival. Among many outstanding performances the standout has to be Mitch Williamson winning the 5km race in a super time of 15:55. Liz Simpson (19:13), was not that far behind Mitch, to finish fourth female and first in her 30-39 age group. Nicole Williamson (20:28) was third in the same age category while Jack Daintith (22:12) was second in the 16-19 age group. Others to complete the 5km run were Carrie Williamson (22:26), Hugh Daintith (23:44) and Keagan Wilson (56:39) who got a huge cheer from the crowd. In the 10km race our three runners performed well with Jamie Corcoran (50:03) surprising himself with a great time while Donna Read (56:06) and Sabrina Manickam (67:49) were both happy with their runs.

In the Half Marathon (21.1km), we were well represented with Iain McLean (1h22m19s) the fastest with a super run. Also doing the half were: Leanne Corcoran (1:32:11), Mike Cooper (1:35:17), Anthony Daintith (1:50:48), Tony Fitzpatrick (1:55:13), John Betts (1:58:54), John Moss (2:03:28), Jane Fairgrieve (2:07:46), Maree Moss (2:19:51) Michelle Lang (2:19:50), Sharon Fahy (2:29:17), Tiffany Roweth (2:34:01) and Susie Patey (2:35:16).

In the Marathon (42.2km) we again were well represented with Ursula Wilson (3:24:27) leading the way and finishing fourth in her age category. Others to complete this testing run were: ‘dad’ Daryl Roweth (3:32:34), Nicholas Thomas (3:53:43), Gareth Thomas (3:54:18), Brett Sammut (4:34:05), Pam Fullgrabe and Martin Ryan (both 4:40:03), Diana Carroll (4:52:18) and Lynda Chapman (5:19:29).

The rest of the club were able to attend Elephant Park to do the Endeavour Park (2.6km) loop course. The 70 runners recorded had a choice of 1, 2 or 3 laps with Noah Whiteley (15:34) declared the overall winner after he completed the 2.6km run. Winning the 2.6km race was Lachlan Ross (11:30) just ahead of Jack Dean (12:19) and Stewart Vidler (12:25). Of the girls, Sue Dean (12:00) was the fastest from Emma Rolls (12:34) and Molly Dean (13:02).

Peta Doherty (17:59) recorded the quickest time over the 5.2km distance, while Estelle Dean (24:13) was second ahead of Julie Hudson (29:03) and Michelle Whiteley (31:23). Of the guys Mitch Essex (20:15) was first home, while Jackson Boucher (22:10) was second and Joel Kitto (23:55) third.

James Harvey (34:55) was the top man over the 7.8km journey, while Aidan Whiteley (38:35) picked up second ahead of John Bowmer and Chris Brown (both 40:00). Karen Neal (38:33) powered through the 3 laps to finish in front of Alicia Ross (42:20).

On Wednesday night at Elephant Park around 70 runners and walkers tackled the three laps after getting a run down from President Renai McArdle of the results from Canberra. Fastest runner on the night was Nathan Sutherland (10:31) while Ursula Wilson (11:42) seemingly fresh from her Canberra Marathon effort was the fastest female. Mark Harvey ran an 11 second Personal Best, to be the overall winner on the night, while Jackson Essex ran a great 17 second Personal Best as well. It was also noted that my mate Keagan Wilson backed up his huge effort at Canberra on the weekend with his first three lap effort at Elephant Park and recorded a great time of (31:56).

Finally I would like to wish my fellow NSW All Schools team mates and Runners Club members, Connor Whiteley and Jessie Dean, all the best for next week,  the three of us are competing in the National Triathlon Championships at Harvey Bay in Queensland “Go the blues”.

This weekend the Sunday run is at CSU, starting at 9am.

Picture: some of our half marathoners in Canberra waiting for the race start.
Back row John Moss, John Betts, Anthony Daintith. Front row: Iain McLean, Sharon Fahy, Jane Fairgrieve, Maree Moss, Leanne Corcoran.

Written by Kinisha Roweth


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