CWD 18th February 2023

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EDITORIAL REPORT FOR CWD Saturday 18th February 2023

Chris Clough


Last Sunday’s run was at CSU (Charles Sturt University), a once-a-year Sunday run we are privileged enough to hold, where 72 members, new members and guests attended. The course was a lap course and each lap was 1.9km long.


The fastest in each distance were:



Female – Kinisha Roweth 10:18, Evie Harris 11:48, Lacey Curran 12:08

Male – Mark Thomas 7:25, Daryl Roweth 8:12, Toby Miller 11:46


Female – Isobel Curran 20:36, Claire Gates 22:01, Kate Harris 22:12

Male – Nicholas Thomas 18:12, Michael Sharp 24:38, Lachlan Irwin 32:04


Female – Milla Jurd 27:15, Lucy Jurd 30:04, Kim Roweth 32:42

Male – Nick Irwin 22:36, Luke Hockey 24:44, Iain McLean 25:28


Female – Rosemary Elkington 47:20, Sue Klose 48:01

Male – Chris Clough 34:29, Alex Irwin 42:26, Anthony Daintith 46:17


Female – Tanya Miller 52:48, Jessica Curran 1:02:06

Male – Jack Daintith 37:14, Brad Simmons 48:58, Terry Clarke 54:17


Female – Rhonda Jones 1:12:52, Kim Jarvis 1:15:07

Male – Maxwell Horne 51:46, Mike Cooper 1:01:03, Gareth Thomas 1:02:56


For our usual Wednesday run 62 members attended Elephant Park completing 1, 2 or 3 laps in and amongst the thunder and little rain. Top three men were Jack Daintith 9:59, Nick Irwin 10:30 and Mark Thomas 11:33. The top three women were Lauren Reid 11:36, Isobel Curran 12:56 and Rhianna Hume 13:20.

Achievement medals were awarded to Paige Alexander with 50 runs, Jack Daintith with 900 runs.

Personal bests were recorded by Luke Peterson by 4:34 minutes, Sharyn Mitselburg by 25 seconds and Mel Skeers by 3 seconds.

This Sunday’s run is at the Baldwins family property, as a club we are privileged to have been granted access to Basil and his family’s property to have our Sunday run. This is an awesome experience for all involved and running through the paddocks and amongst the trees is always a soothing and calming experience. We hope to see as many member’s and guests there on Sunday.

Please continue to check the website, Facebook and watch your emails for more information on all our club activities and news.

Together we achieve individual goals.