CWD : 1st September 2018

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It was a big wet weekend for the Dubbo Stampede that started with a very civilised pre-run dinner. I hear Dave Gibson particularly enjoyed the serenity. ORC was well represented in the Stampede on Sunday morning, from marathon winners (well done Ursula) to 10k’er weekend warriors to those finishing their first half marathon (congrats RMA’er Katie Wright), those just returned from OS (Simon Lun), some Barnyard appearances (nice run Jess R) and those that walked a very long and slow 5.3km with children. Congratulations to all participants. But next time it rains we will all take a leaf out of Coop’s book and adopt the longer sock option.


ORC Podium results:

Marathon: 1st Ursula Wilson

Half marathon:  1st Sam Collins, 5th Iain McLean,

10km: 2nd Mitch Williamson, 3rd Nicole Williamson, 6th Brad Simmons

5.3km: 4th Connor Whitely, 4th Liz Simpson.


This Saturday night as we celebrate the Orange Runners Club’s 40th Anniversary it is also an occasion to remember and reflect on the people who have made the club what it is. It is therefore poignant that we honour one of our favourite and brightest supporters, Sandy, who we very sadly farewelled this week.  Sandy’s smiling face was a joy to club members and the honour was all ours to have known her. During Frank’s term as President of the Club Sandy tried to keep Frank organised, and was a shining sparkle at the end of a run – always up for a chat, taking photos of others, causing mischief with Karen, cooking bbqs and lugging gear to and from Frank’s various cars. While at home her front room was bursting full of Relay for Life and Cancer Council fundraising paraphernalia. However busy she was and unwell she may have been feeling Sandy always had time for a giggle, a cuddle, a funny story about Frank, a naughty email or time to find you a copy of a photo she had taken of your family she had printed and wanted you to have. Sandy was always there, looking after and supporting others and cheering on her gorgeous boys of whom she was so proud. The Club and Orange have lost a very special lady in Sandra. Our deepest sympathies and thoughts are with our friends Frank, Kyle and Brycie and their families.



Vale Sandy you will be missed