CWD : 23rd September 2017

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Last Sunday, the regular weekend run was held at Elephant Park, where 58 runners had the choice of 1-6 laps of the 1.6km circuit. The first 2 finishers by gender for each distance are as follows:1 lap – Female: Amber Rich (6:49) and Ursula Wilson (7:17). Male: Elliot Bangert (6:28) and Mike Cooper (7:02).

2 laps – Female: Tanya Connolly (17:03) and Kerrie Lindsay (17:14). Male: Rikky Bangert (13:18) and Alistair Merrifield (15:08).

3 laps – Female: Kelly Gleeson (23:43) and Leitia Vidler (38:04). Male: Noah Lamrock (21:18) and Blake Gleeson (23:10).

4 laps – Mixed: Joel Kitto (30:41), Alex Irwin (31:44), John Moss (37:13) and

5 laps – Female: Renai McArdle (51:05) Kinisha Roweth (58:21). Male: David Williamson (40:15) and Steve Wensley (46:29).

6 laps – Mixed: Daryl Roweth (43:21), Gareth Thomas (45:56), Andrew McArdle (53:58) and Basil Baldwin (57:27).

A giant thumbs up to all who participated, Basil Baldwin was declared the winner. The fastest lap recorded was Rikky Bangert who clocked a 6:07 on his first lap.

Last Sunday also saw the Bathurst Edgell Jog. Special mention must go to member Mike Cooper and Ursula Wilson who at 9am ran 1.6km at Elephant park, then drove to Bathurst, and completed the 7.5km Edgell Jog in 35:44 and 34:01 respectively! Other notable performances included Mitch Williamson (25:36 – 3rd male), Nathan Sutherland (27:20), Adam Reeves (31:32), Nicole Williamson (32:18 – 2nd female), Lachlan Ross (34:22), Hugh Daintith (36:55), John Betts (37:08), Thomas Lloyd (37:14), Anthony Daintith (37:55), Lilly Craig (38:34), Stephen Blackwood (39:12), Jack Daintith (39:37), Louise Lloyd (39:59), Cameron Ross (40:10), Dave Ross (40:11), Tyronne Rudman (40:28), Alicia Ross (40:58), Bill Fairgrieve (42:26), Jane Fairgrieve (42:40), Chris Brown (42:34), Kim Jarvis (43:46), Kietta-Raye Shaw (45:44), Maree Moss (47:58), Graham Fahy (50:58), Sue Betts (51:39), Sharon Fahy (54:54), Judy Tarleton (55:36), Glenys Rosser (56:57 – 1st in age group) and Anna Daintith (1:07:18). Congratulations to all, you did your club proud.

The Sydney Running Festival was also held, with the club represented across all events, including half and full marathons. In the Marathon, member James Harvey ran a 3:28, a PB for him. In the Half Marathon. Felix Koeppen ran a 1:42, and Greg Shapter a 2:07. Finally, in the 10km Bridge Dash, Cassie Harvey ran a 56:49 and Simon Lun ran a 1:14:00. Well done to all on what is a challenging course.

The Wednesday afternoon Elephant Park 3 lap handicap event saw 45 competitors take part in pleasant conditions. The fastest ladies were Ursula Wilson (12:40), Leanne Corcoran (13:11) and Amber Rich (13:12). The fastest men were Iain McLean (10:52), Adam Reeves (11:15) and Jackson Boucher (12:09). Fastest lap of the Elephant Park circuit was clocked by Iain McLean at 3:33 for his last lap. PB’s were achieved by Molly Cameron (1:07), Will McCauley (1:04), John Keegan (19s), Sophie Martin (22s), Toby Betts (15s), Pip Martin (1:31), Olivia Martin (8:40), Paul Stam (54s) and Jack Judge (1:12). Well done to all who took part, Will McCauley was declared the winner.

Wednesday afternoon also saw the first round of the Junior Spring Racing Carnival. Boy and Girl winners from each age category are listed below:

Age 1-3: Girl – Harriet Gibson, Boy – Max Dermody

Age 4-6: Girl – Josephine Kitto, Boy – Banjo Reeves

Age 7-9: Boy – Blake Gleeson

Age 10-12: Girl – Sophie Martin, Boy – John Keegan

Age 13-15: Girl – Ella Lamrock, Boy – Lachlan Ross

Age 16-18: Boy – Noah Lamrock

Spring is here, and with the weather warming up we have many exciting runs in scenic locations planned, with the monthly trail runs continuing. This Sunday sees the club back at Clergate School, where members have the choice of 3k, 5k and 10k runs on a challenging fire trail. Run will commence at 9am.

Members should visit the club website on for further details on these and upcoming events. Those interested in joining our club should visit the club website for further information.

See you on the trail