CWD : 25th February 2017

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On Sunday in the club run at Gosling Creek, 76 starters completed the three distances on offer. The overall handicap winner was Ian Fischer who came home with the second fastest time for the 5km run in 21:02.


2.3km – Lily Bangert 13:15, Abigail Francis 13:40 and Carol Donlan 18:31.

4.6km – Ella Lamrock 22:52, Karen Neal 23:15 and Lily Craig 23:43.

9.6km – Amber Rich 43:48, Bec Davis 51:58 and Kim Jarvis 58:05.



2.3km – Elliott Bangert 10:10, Noah Lamrock 10:13 and Gary Taylor 13:01.

4.6km – Rikky Bangert 20:10, Ian Fischer 21:02 and Hugh Daintith and Fred Bangert 22:48.

9.6km – Nathan Sutherland 40:42, Brad Simmons 41:09 and Mitch Essex 41:10.


Competing in the Running Wild Wentworth Falls races on Sunday where Meg Reeves came up with an outstanding performance to be first female and to also break the race record in the process. Runners and times were:
16KM Event Iain McLean 1:32:02 Meg Reeves 1:32:50 Leanne Corcoran 1:44:27 Ian Spurway 1:46:31 Michelle Lang 3:01:10

13KM Event David Ross 1:36:32 Lachlan Ross 1:36:32 Alison Spurway 2:13:58 Ursula Wilson 2:16:02 Yolanda Zhao 2:16:32 Pam Fullgrabe 2:20:58 Renai McArdle 2:34:50 Sharon Fahy 2:43:05 Graham Fahy 2:43:05


On Wednesday at Elephant Park 57 starters completed their run against the clock with Meg Reeves setting the fastest time of the day with 10:53, with Lily Craig the next fastest with a solid 12:29. Jack Daintith was the fastest male running 12:40.  The only runner to set a Personal Best time was Bec Davis who continues her recent improvement surge with a 23s improvement to run 14:04 for the three laps.


A reminder that the Clubs AGM will be held on Wednesday 1st March 2017 at Elephant Park from 5.30pm onwards with a (BBQ) Dinner provided.
ALL (Club and Festival) positions will be declared vacant and members shouldn’t presume that the members who have undertaken a role for the past year(s) will be continuing and would be grateful for some assistance and/or to have a break.
Members are encouraged to attend the AGM to ensure they have their say in the clubs future.

This weekend will see the Orange Running Festival on both Saturday and Sunday, based at the Bloomfield hospital precinct. Good luck to the organisers and all those competing.


Information provided by Daryl Roweth



Photo of Meg Reeves after her successful race at Wentworth Falls.