CWD : 27th May 2017

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Last Sunday, Orange Runners Club had its weekend run at the Botanic Gardens. 79 members in attendance had a choice of 1 to 5 laps of a hilly 1.6km course that took in the Gardens autumnal splendour. The first three finishers by gender for each distance are as follows:

1 lap – Men: Nick Irwin (8:43), Alex Irwin (8:45), Ethan McCardle (10:50). Women: Lily Craig (7:26), Tanya Connolly (8:45), Lily Bangert (8:49)

2 laps – Men: Elliot Bangert (13:31), Noah Lamrock (14:11), Lachlan Ross (14:27). Women: Liz Simpson (13:55), Jessie Dean (14:54), Amelia Hogben (15:03).

3 laps – Men: Rikky Bangert (19:33), Jackson Boucher (22:28), Connor Whiteley (22:50). Women: Leanne Corcoran (22:44), Karen Neal (23:13), Ella Lamrock (23:19).

4 laps – Men: Wayne Stewart (34:58), Steven Wensley (39:22), Matthew Dean (41:15). Women: Letitia Vidler (48:47)

Finally, 5 laps – Men: Noel Annett (35:24), David Ross (38:19) and Felix Koeppen (38:35). Women: Danielle Klingberg (45:21)

Rikky Bangert clocked the fastest lap of the morning, registering a 6:06 on his first lap. Congratulations to all who participated, Nick Irwin was declared the winner.

The Wednesday afternoon Elephant Park 2.9k handicap event saw 67 competitors take part in chilly, breezy conditions. The fastest men were Rikky Bangert (10:34), Mitch Williamson (10:39), and Elliot Bangert (11:32). The fastest ladies were Liz Simpson (11:58), Ursula Wilson (12:23) and Ella Lamrock (12:45). Fastest lap of the 958m circuit was clocked by Rikky Bangert at 3:24. Emily Pearson was declared the overall winner. Well done to all who took part.

After the Club’s Extraordinary AGM held after Subday’s run, the main committee and club positions were returned as before.

The club was well represented at the Greater Bank North Parkes Rotary Fun Run, held on Sunday. Notable performances are as follows:

10k – Ian Spurway (44:07), Ursula Wilson (44:25), John Betts (51:27), Jane Fairgrieve (54:19), Allison Spurway (55:20), Bill Fairgrieve (56:45), Bonny Ostini (58:03), Pam Fullgrabe (59:33), Yolanda Zhao (61:13), and Maree Moss (67:50)

5k – Sharon Fahy (30:58), Sue Betts (36:10)

2k – Keagan Wilson (20:00)

Congratulations to all who participated, making the club proud.

This Sunday sees the club at Blugas Road, where members will have a choice of 3k, 5k or 10k on one of our hilliest courses. This event will commence at 9am.
Members should visit the club website on for further details on membership benefits and events. Those interested in joining our club to take advantage of the opportunities offered to members should visit the club website for further information, and/or to join.

See you on the trail