CWD 29 April 2023

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EDITORIAL REPORT FOR CWD Saturday 29th April 2023

Chris Clough

Last Sunday’s run was at Favell Road where 65 members attended this hilly and challenging course. This course is known for its hills and rough surface to run on.

The fastest in each distance were:

Female – Evie Harris 17:43, Donna Irwin 31:08, Melissa Harding 33:27
Male – Nick Irwin 12:55, Lachlan Irwin 23:11, Peter Gates 28:30

Female – Kate Harris 33:30, Kinisha Roweth 34:34, Merissa Horne 36:44
Male – Angus Finlay 29:01, Michael Kauter 34:21, Ben Sullivan 34:40

Female – Amy Crosbie 46:07, Jannell Hooper 48:28, Alison Spurway 51:05
Male – Peter. Finlay 35:05, Peter Bennett 37:33, Ian Spurway 42:29

Female – Ayako Kusui 56:53, Nicola Blore 58:36, Juste Kucinskaite 1:10:02
Male – Jack Daintith 46:45, Iain McLean 48:56, Mark Thomas 51:29

Another course record was broken on Sundays run at Favell Road, by Nick Irwin on the 3km course, The new course record for the Favell Road for the 3km distance is 12:55, beaten by 18 seconds. Congratulations to Nick for this achievement.

For our usual Wednesday run 95 members attended Elephant Park. Members completed 1, 2 or 3 laps. Top three men were Jack Daintith 10:27, Peter Finlay 10:34 and Nick Irwin 11:16. The top three women were Isobel Curran 13:46, Jannell Hooper 14:32 and Kate Harris 14:33.

Personnel Bests were achieved by Michael Holmes by 3:30 minutes, Liam Petschel by 2:56 minutes, Henry Charge by 31 seconds, Jennifer Lawrence by 24 seconds, Ben Sullivan by 18 seconds and Jennifer Wurtzel by 11 seconds.

An achievement medal was awarded to Ayako Kusui with 100 runs.

This Sunday run is at Gosling Creek, distances members can choose form are 2.3, 4.6, 8 and 11.6km. This course consists of both bitumen and gravel surfaces and is reasonably flat. There are slight hills on the longer distances for those members who choose.

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