CWD 29th October 2022

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EDITORIAL REPORT FOR CWD Saturday 29th October 2022

Chris Clough


Last Sunday run was at the always beautiful Botanic Gardens where 44 members came out and enjoyed the morning run around the gardens. The course was wet, so a bit of mud and water was on the course.


The fastest in each distance were:



Female – Denise Quinlan 16:45, Rosemary Blair 21:21

Male – Michael Sharp 16:44


Female – Kinisha Roweth 15:41, Kate Harris 20:56, Justine Neville 28:30

Male – Nicholas Thomas 17:11, Freddie Littlejohn 19:11, Craig Penrose 29:58


Female – Francesca Biggs 24:44, Jannell Hooper 25:51, Claire Gates 26:02

Male – Luke Hockey 20:15, Mark Thomas 21:37, Hugh Daintith 23:19


Female – Leanne Corcoran 31:08, Sue Klose 38:23, Jane Fairgrieve 45:57

Male – Chris Clough 27:05



Male – Russell Tym 47:39, Anthony Daintith 49:31



Male – Daryl Roweth 48:53, Gareth Thomas 53:14


For our usual Wednesday run 60 members attended Elephant Park completing 1, 2 or 3 laps. Top three men were Jack Daintith 10:15, Maxwell Horne 10:22 and Luke Hockey 10:54. The top three women were Leanne Corcoran 12:17, Nicola Blore 12:59 and Isobel Curran 13:16.

Personal bests were achieved by Cathy Gutterson by 1:11 minutes, Gwen Garrad by 1:08 minutes, Jim Micucci by 56 seconds, Jennifer Wurtzel by 46 seconds, Mel Skeers by 35 seconds, Sharyn Mitselburg by 20 seconds, Maxwell Horne by 18 seconds, Michael Kauter by 5 seconds and Alysha Karraz by 4 seconds.

Achievement Medals this week were awarded to Adam Skelton with 25 runs.

Also last Sunday the Panorama Punish was on, several ORC members attended this event and wore the club colours proudly. Some great results also came from this event. Miller Rivett, 3rd overall and 1st in his category, Jack Daintith, 11th overall, Peter Finlay, 1st in his category and 14th overall, Maxwell Horne, 3rd in his category and 19th overall, Isobel Curran, 2nd in her category, Lacey Curran, 3rd in her category and Lyn O’Mara, 3rd in her category. Well done to all those members listed and to all the other participating members there on the day.

This Sunday’s run is at Gosling Creek, this course has 4 options for members to choose from. A choice of 2.3km, 4.6km, 8km and 11.6km are available for your Sunday run/walk. Following this morning run, the club will be holding its annual presentation of awards and a BBQ will be provided for all to enjoy.

Please continue to check the website, Facebook and watch your emails for more information on all our club activities and news.

Together we achieve individual goals.