CWD 22nd October 2022

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EDITORIAL REPORT FOR CWD Saturday 22nd October 2022

Chris Clough


Last Sunday run 38 members attended our run at Stagecoach Road, a combo course of bitumen and dirt road, with some hills thrown in for the enjoyment of all members.


The fastest in each distance were:



Female – Justine Neville 22:20

Male – Freddie Littlejohn 15:23, Michael O’Mara 19:22, Trevor Jones 19:41


Female – Judy Tarleton 28:37, Ayako Kusui 30:30, Denise Quinlan 33:05

Male – Michael Sharp 33:06


Female – Kinisha Roweth 27:08, Claire Gates 27:26, Kim Roweth 29:24

Male – Nick Irwin 23:38, Hugh Daintith 26:32, Mike Cooper 29:00


Female – Rosemary Elkington 58:32, Rhonda Jones 59:35

Male – Jack Daintith 34:56, Maxwell Horne 38:16, Daryl Roweth 45:26



Male – Eddie Feeney 1:04:08, Richard Eggleston 1:16:02


For our usual Wednesday run 57 members attended Elephant Park completing 1, 2 or 3 laps. Top three men were Jack Daintith 9:52, Maxwell Horne 10:40 and Luke Hockey 11:04. The top three women were Isobel Curran 12:19, Nicola Blore 12:53 and Claire Gates 13:44.

Personal bests were achieved by Maxwell Horne by 26 seconds, Merissa Horne by 1 second, Isobel Curran by 11 seconds, Sharyl Mitselburg by 8 seconds and Madelein Barnard by 1:05 minutes.

Achievement Medals this week were awarded to Eddie Feeney with 75 runs.

The First Lonely Mountain Ultra event was held on Saturday 15th October and oh what an event it was. There were plenty of ORC members in action across multiple events on the day and several more who were working hard as volunteers on course or behind the scenes. Several club members had some awesome results including Chris Pooley 2nd, Jack Daintith 4th and Peter Finlay 5th in the 11km event. Milla Jurd 2nd for the girl’s kids 4km event, Maxwell Horne 2nd for the boys 4km event. In the 30km event Nicola Blore took out 3rd in the women’s and Luke Hockey for taking 3rd in the 50km event. To all members who competed, a huge congratulations on your efforts regardless of the distance and we hope you enjoyed it on Mount Canobolas.

This Sunday’s run is at Botanic Gardens which is a lap course, where members can choose from 1-6 laps of the beautiful gardens. The lap is 1.6km long. We encourage all members to take in the scenery and peace of the gardens and hopefully the weather holds off.

Please continue to check the website, Facebook and watch your emails for more information on all our club activities and news.

Together we achieve individual goals.

Information provided by Chris Clough