CWD 4 February 2023

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EDITORIAL REPORT FOR CWD Saturday 4th February 2023

Chris Clough


Last Sunday’s run was at Stagecoach Road, a course which is well known for its hills but also the view are well worth the effort. 67 members came this Sunday and it was an enjoyable morning for all who attended.


The fastest in each distance were:



Female – Elizabeth Simpson 9:10, Lacey Curran 11:30, Ayako Kusui 21:09

Male – Toby Miller 13:24


Female – Isobel Curran 13:58, Milla Jurd 16:38, Lucy Jurd 16:48

Male – Cameron Harris 25:58, Chris Clough 32:48, John Hannan 32:53


Female – Kinisha Roweth 26:48, Jessica Curran 27:30, Tanya Miller 29:48

Male – Nick Irwin 20:46, Nicholas Thomas 27:29, Gareth Thomas 28:54


Female – Juste Kucinskaite 47:22, Kim Jarvis 54:15, Sarah Passey 57:38

Male – Jack Daintith 34:54, Peter Finlay 34:56, Luke Hockey 35:18


Female – Jannell Hooper 1:12:26, Kelly Jurd 1:20:21, Rhonda Jones 1:25:02

Male – Iain McLean 1:04:27, Paul Anderson 1:11:02, Hugh Daintith 1:13:49


For our usual Wednesday run 66 members attended Elephant Park completing 1, 2 or 3 laps. Top three men were Jack Daintith 10:14, Nick Irwin 10:47, Mark Thomas 11:37. The top three women were Nicola Blore 14:04, Kinisha Roweth 14:08, Jannell Hooper 14:49.

Personal bests were achieved by Jennifer Lawrence by 3:16, Catherine Player by 18 seconds and Susan Piggott by 9 seconds.

Achievement medals this were awarded to Sue Klose with 75 runs.

For anyone available and interested in volunteering at the upcoming Orange Running Festival, the committee will be more than happy for any extra help on the 2 days of the festival. Please email the club directly or ‘’ for further details and information.

This Sunday’s run is at Endeavour Oval, this is a lap course of 2.8km in length per lap. Attending members and guests have the choice of 1-4 laps on the day. If you have spare time after this run, please hang around and join us for a BBQ. We hope to see as many members here this coming Sunday.

An important safety notice for all members and guests who attend our Sunday runs. Please take note of and put this mobile number into your phones as an emergency contact on all Sunday runs. The number is ‘0475 305 674’ This number will reach someone on the timing table so further assistance can be provided to anyone needing it.

Please continue to check the website, Facebook and watch your emails for more information on all our club activities and news.

Together we achieve individual goals.