CWD : 4th November 2017

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Last Sunday, Orange Runners Club had its regular weekend run at Kinross Forest, where 66 runners had the choice of 2km, 4.8km, and 9.1km out and back routes on a steep and rocky course. These involved some massive climbs that reduced many runners to a walking pace. The first 3 finishers by gender for each distance are as follows:2km – Female: Amber Rich (10:07), Fiona Montgomerie (17:41) and Norma Bradley (21:23). Male: Ian Spurway (9:03), Michael Sharp (12:25) and Brian Penrose (15:26).

4.8km – Female: Rhianna Fitzpatrick (24:37), Lily Craig (25:31) and Ella Lamrock (26:03). Male: Noah Lamrock (21:35), Mitch Essex (22:33) and Jackson Boucher (23:08).

9.1km – Female: Ursula Wilson (48:35), Kylie Duncan (51:33) and Jane Fairgrieve (59:09). Male: Sam Collins (41:12), Adam Reeves (42:12) and Joel Broadfoot (44:52)

A big thumbs up to all who participated, Banjo Reeves was declared the winner.

In the Wednesday handicap event, 87 competitors took part in cool and sunny conditions. The fastest ladies were Leanne Corcoran (13:09), Xanthe Keegan (13:12) and Hanna Gross (13:29). The fastest men were Rikky Bangert (11:03), Noah Lamrock (11:46) and Elliot Bangert (11:49). Fastest lap of the Elephant Park circuit was clocked by Rikky Bangert at 3:28 for his first lap. PB’s were achieved by Keagan Wilson (5:01), Cameron Ross (17s), Toby Betts (1:22) Samuel Gross (10s), Oliver Chandler-Sullivan (1:28), Toby Betts (7s), and Edward McLean (17s). Well done to all who took part, Xanthe Keegan was declared the winner.

This Sunday sees the club back at Endeavour Oval, where members have the choice of 1, 2 or 3 laps of a flat 2.55km course, starting and finishing at the Runners Club shed in Elephant Park. This coming Wednesday sees the regular 3 lap handicap event at 5pm.

 This coming weekend also sees the Carcoar Cup Running Festival, with a variety of different events taking place from a 1.8km childrens race to the 60km Ultra Marathon. Best of luck to members that will undertake these challenging courses.

Many like to run with their dog (or other pet!). If you must bring Fido to a Sunday run, please ensure it is kept on a shorter leash, and consider starting from the back to minimise trip hazards. Bringing an animal to Elephant Park on Wednesdays isn’t advisable due to higher running speeds and congestion.
Members should visit the club website on or our Facebook page for further details on these and upcoming events. Those interested in joining our club should visit the club website for further information.

See you on the trail


Photo of members who were awarded ongoing participation medals this week.