CWD : 11th November 2017

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Last Sunday, Orange Runners Club had its regular weekend run at Endeavour Oval, where 42 runners had the choice of 1-4 laps of a flatter ~2.6km course. The first 3 finishers by gender for each distance are as follows:

1 lap – Female: Glenda Schuman (18:57), April Nonnenmacher (23:47) and Denise Quinlan (24:04). Male: Noah Lamrock (10:36), Michael Sharp (13:09) and Paul Stamm (14:39).

2 laps – Female: Ella Lamrock (23:49), Kerry Lindsay (28:22) and Kim arvis (31:15). Male: David Williamson (27:00), David White (28:11) and Greg Shapter (28:12).

3 laps –  Mixed: Amber Rich (37:26) and Basil Baldwin (44:01)

4 laps – Female: Jane Fairgrieve (60:18) and Renai McArdle (66:53). Male: Joel Kitto (49:33), Alex Irwin (53:58) and Andrew McArdle (57:34).

A big thumbs up to all who participated, Andrew McArdle was declared the winner. The fastest lap of the course was Noah Lamrock, who did his only lap in 10:36.

The club was well represented at external events. Quite a few members entered events in the Carcoar Cup Running Festival. In the Marathon, Daryl Roweth ran a 3:52, and Ursula Wilson ran a 3:54. In the Half Marathon, there was Nathan Sutherland (1:24), Jared Sullivan (1:25), Ian Spurway (1:36), Brad Simmons (1:38), Mike Cooper and Noel Annett (1:41), Anthony Daintith (1:44), Leann Corcoran and John Betts (1:52), Alison Spurway (2:05), and David Gibson (2:07). The 10K event saw great results from Mitch Williamson (30:48  – winner), Russell Tym (50:32), Richard Eggleston (54:46), and Maree Moss (57:48).

The 6.4km Creek Dash saw many entrants from the club. with solid runs from Thomas Dale (26:49), Nicole Williamson (28:06), Hugh Daintith (30:53), Kelly Gleeson (33:14), Ed McLean (34:22), Caitlyn Broadfoot (34:33), David Craig (37:01), Graham Fahy (42:09), Sue Betts (43:17), Sharon Fahy (45:08), Glenys Rosser (47:52), Judy Tarleton (48:29), Anna Daintith (52:10), Fiona Montgomerie (52:10), and Toby Betts (62:31). Well done to all, and apologies if anyone was missed!

In other news, Meg and Adam Reeves, as well as David, Alicia and Lachlan Ross took part in the ‘4 Peaks’ challenge in Victoria, covering 39km over 4 days with a total of 5500m total climb, a very gruelling effort indeed!

In the Wednesday handicap event, 72 competitors took part in warm and sunny conditions. The fastest ladies were Lauren Kerwick (11:22), Hanna Gross (12:57) and Kelly Gleeson (13:31). The fastest men were Rikky Bangert (10:44), Elliott Bangert (11:42) and Sam Gross (11:50). Fastest lap of the Elephant Park circuit was clocked by Rikky Bangert at 3:26 for his first lap. PB’s were achieved by Anna Daintith (22s), Sam Gross (1s), Kelly Gleeson (2s), Edward MacLean (24s), Mel Bolton (25s), Madison Bolton (1:34), Hayden Bolton (1:33), Nick Bolton (1:33), Kristine MacLean (8s), and Jack Flemming (1:12). Well done to all who took part, Clarissa Lark was declared the winner. This event saw club long-termer Gary Taylor complete his 1800th run with the club!

This Sunday sees the club back at CSU Orange, where members have the choice of 1 to 6 laps of a 1.6km course. In addition, there is also the monthly trail run occurring at Kinross Forest (11km), please check website for location details. This coming Wednesday sees the regular 3 lap handicap event at 5pm.
Many like to run with their dog (or other pet!). If you must bring Fido to a Sunday run, please ensure it is kept on a shorter leash, and consider starting from the back to minimise trip hazards. Bringing an animal to Elephant Park on Wednesdays isn’t advisable due to higher running speeds and congestion.
Members should visit the club website on or our Facebook page for further details on these and upcoming events. Those interested in joining our club should visit the club website for further information.

See you on the trail