CWD : 18th November 2017

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Last Sunday, 13 members of Orange Runners Club undertook the monthly trail run, this time in Kinross Forest for an early morning 11.9K effort. The fastest female was Renai McArdle (1:42) and the fastest male was Rikky Bangert (1:06).
Later in the morning, Orange Runners Club had its regular weekend run at CSU Orange, where 62 runners had the choice of 1-6 laps of a hilly 1.6km circuit. The first 3 finishers by gender for each distance are as follows:

1.6K – Female: Amber Rich (6:56), Jessica McGreal (14:30) and Sally and Josephine Kitto (14:42). Male: Mike Cooper (7:15), Graham Fahy (10:27) and Nathan Garton (14:39).

3.2K – Female: Ella Lamrock (15:10), Rebecca Halls (22:23) and Norma Bradley (29:38). Male: Craig Penrose (16:59), Michael Sharpe (17:49) and John Betts (18:01).

4.8K –  Female: Belinda McCauley (26:15), Lily Craig (31:47) and Man Ha Mackay (32:24). Male: Tim Murphy (20:45), Alistair Merrifield (22:47) and Hugh Daintith (23:05).

6.4K – Mixed: Greg Shapter (36:29), Kim Jarvis (40:11) and Steve Wensley (40:23).

8K – Male: Blake Gleeson (39:52), Gareth Thomas (40:54), Russell Tym (47:19).

9.6K – Female: Kelly Gleeson (52:10), Kylie Duncan (52:34). Male: Joel Kitto (47:35), Daryl Roweth (50:43) and Edward MacLean (53:24).

A big thumbs up to all who participated, Sally Kitto was declared the winner. The fastest lap of the course was Tim Murphy, who did his first lap in 6:34.

Externally, members took part in the 15K City to Sea in Melbourne. Local finishers included Maree Moss (1:37), Karen Neal (1:14), Jane Fairgrieve (1:25), Yolanda Zhao (1:36), Leanne Corcoran (1:04) and Pam Fullgrabe (1:36). Well done!

In the Wednesday handicap event, 81 competitors took part in sultry conditions. The fastest ladies were Leanne Corcoran (11:58), Ella Lamrock (12:46) and Hannah Gross (12:47). The fastest men were Rikky Bangert (10:37), Noah Lamrock (11:31) and Adam Reeves (11:37). Fastest lap of the Elephant Park circuit was clocked by Rikky Bangert at 3:24 for his first lap. PBs were achieved by Tanya Connolly (13s), Ethan McArdle (10s), Sue Betts (26s), Sam Gross (10s), Tyrone Rudman (4s), Kelly Jurd (4s), Lyndal Molloy (3:37!) and Kristine McLean (47s). Well done to all who took part, Lyndal Molloy was declared the winner.

This Sunday sees the club back at the Pinnacle, where members have the choice of 3, 7 or 10km on what is arguably our steepest overall course. This coming Wednesday sees the regular 3 lap handicap event at 5pm.
As the weather warms up, consider training at dawn or at night to take advantage of cooler conditions. Make sure to drink plenty of water, or electrolytes if you are having a longer session.
Members should visit the club website on or our Facebook page for further details on these and upcoming events. Those interested in joining our club should visit the club website for further information.

See you on the trail



Photo of the members who ran the trail (Kinross Forest) last weekend.