CWD 5 March 2016 : Runners show true colours

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Last weekend it was all about the Colour City Running Festival. It was a great weekend and a big congratulations to all of the committee members involved and the many volunteers that made things happen. There were many great results from some outstanding runners, which have already been highlighted in the paper earlier in the week. Now we are going to look at some of our great performances from our Club Members across the weekend.

In Saturday’s Pete’s Carwash 2km race our own Rikky Bangert (7:59 in 11-12) was the overall winner , while Lachlan Ross (8:34 in 11-12) was third overall and second in his age group. Elliott Bangert (8:52 in 9-10) was second in his age, while sister Lily Bangert (10:27 in 7-8) was first in her age group. In the girls 9-10 age group, Molly Dean (9:18), Abigail Francis (9:41) and Mackenzie Palazzi (9:46) were first, second and third respectively.

There was a huge club representation in the Hotel Canobolas 5km race, with many picking up age category podium finishes. This included Mitch Williamson (16:05) who was second overall and first in his (20-29 age category) and Liz Simpson (19:48) who was first female and of course first (30-39).

Other club runners to claim 5km age group placings were:

First place – Brandon Connolly (19:25 in 18-19), Frank Ostini (20:14 in 50-59), Kinisha Roweth (22:23 in 16-17), Tina Kiho (23:11 in 40-49), Brian Sharp (24:50 in 70 and over) and Denise Rich (31:53 in 60-69).

Second Place – Connor Whiteley (16:58 in 16-17), Phoebe Litchfield (20:28 in 12-13), Mitchell Cooper (20:31 in 12-13), Kyle Ostini (21:18 in 18-19), Mike Cooper (21:51 in 50-59), Karen Neal (25:57 in 50-59) and Judy Tarleton (32:25 in 60-69).

Third Place – Nathan Sutherland (18:43 in 20-29), Harry Commins (20:34 in 12-13), Nicole Williamson (21:10 in 30-39), Jack Daintith (22:33 in 16-17) and Chelsea Gregor (26:24 in 16-17).

In the BUPA 10km distance, Anthony Ellison (40:49) was our fastest competitor and also picked up a third place in the competitive 30-39 age group, but it was at the extreme youngest and oldest categories where we excelled with Lachlan Ross (53:03 in 13 and under), Mackenzie Palazzi (62:05 in 13 and under) and Basil Baldwin (55:53 in 70 and over) all came in first spot in their respective category.

Coming in second spot in their age groups were: Matt Dean (43:58 in 40-49), Estelle Dean (44:49 in 40-49), Russell Tym (56:35 in 60-69) and Brian Rix (66:59 in 70 and over).

The Athletes Foot Half Marathon saw Iain McLean (1:24:34 in 40-49) finishing as our fastest club runner and picking up third place in his age group, while Ursula Wilson (1:37:38 in 40-49) and Zoe Peters (1:52:39 in 19 and under) were winners in their age groups.

The JP Hotel Brokers Marathon being such a huge effort, I thought I would mention all our warriors despite not picking up any age category prizes. James Harvey (3:43), Mitch Essex and Adam Reeves (both 3:51:01), Gareth Thomas (3:59:37), Nick Thomas (4:17:29) and Stephen Blackwood (5:08:33) all completed the testing course, with Gareth, especially, enjoying a two hour lie down recovery after the event.

On Wednesday night at EP normal transmission was resumed, with around 70 runners and walkers pounding around the pathway and Nathan Sutherland (10:46) and Saturdays 2km winner Rikky Bangert (11:12) the standout fastest runners. Ursula Wilson (12:15) backed up from her big weekend of prize organisation and half marathoning to be the fastest female. Overall winner was Caitlyn Broadfoot (12:53) who also competed and had a strong run in the 5km run on Sunday. Personal Bests were recorded by Mark Harvey 18s, Melissa Fogarty 23s, Leah Morphett 1m19s, William Knox 1m17s, Susie Patey 3s and Val Gursky 21s.

Saturday’s run is at Jack Brabham Park at 9am.

Written by Daryl Roweth

MARATHON EFFORT : Gareth Thomas (forground) completed last weekend's marathon while Alex Irwin (background) did the half marathon.

MARATHON EFFORT : Gareth Thomas (foreground) completed last weekend’s marathon while Alex Irwin (background) did the half marathon.